Forbes Selects Elan Microelectronics for Best 100 List

11/11/2004 - The Taiwan-based semiconductor manufacturer Elan Microelectronics Corporation was selected again this year as one of the best 100 “under 1 Billion USD” companies worldwide.

Each year, Forbes Global screens its' databases to find 2,600 publicly traded companies that had under $1 billion a year in revenue and five-year returns on capital of at least 5%. Out of this number and based on sustained gains in sales and returns, plus latest-year market momentum, only 100 of the best smaller-size enterprises in both Asia/Pacific and Europe are picked out to make a list of what Forbes calls the "cream" of the global industry.

As in previous years, Elan Microelectronics Corp. has been chosen for its' steady performance and growth, together with only three other Taiwanese companies, to make the list in 2004. With over 500 employees, including a large base of R&D Engineers, annual sales of 140M US$, and a worldwide distribution network, Elan is setting its' place among the industry leaders in the field of high-tech semiconductor products for the global telecommunications, consumer and industrial markets.

Elan has also been chosen by Forbes for its’ track record of rewarding shareholders, as well as for the level of entrepreneurship, criteria that ensure the quality of the list, sourced by Bloomberg, and a consistent guide to winners for the past six years.

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