Fujitsu Samples COSMORAM Rev.3 Complaint 128Mbit Mobile FCRAM

11/11/2004 - Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe announced the sample availability of a new 128Mbit Mobile Fast Cycle RAMTM device that adopts burst mode operations complying with Common Specifications for Mobile RAM (COSMORAM) Revision 3, for use in mobile phone applications. The device's high-speed performance and large density make it ideal for 3G mobile phone vendors looking to provide advanced applications.

The new 128Mbit device "MB82DBS04314C" and "MB82DBS08164C" achieves maximum burst operation frequency of up to 108MHz with a single 1.8V supply voltage, which satisfies the memory requirement for next generation mobile phone applications. The device provides a high data transfer rate as burst mode enables fast successive read/write operation through synchronisation with the system clock.

The maximum standby current of 300A can be dramatically cut by user configurable power-down modes such as sleep mode and partial power-down mode. In addition, "MB82DBS04314C" is the first 128M PSRAM in the world that adopts a 32 bit address/data multiplexed bus to realise more than double the data transfer rate compared with existing products, by extension of the data bus width, and reduces the pin-count for easier customer board design.

These sample devices will be available in a monolithic package, and chip or wafer form for embedded applications, including use in multi chip package memory solutions.

This announcement underlines Fujitsu's commitment to the continued development and production of high value-added Application-Specific Memory products, in response to customer requirements.

1. FCRAM: Fujitsu's unique core technology with features of high-speed and low power consumption. Mobile FCRAM is pseudo static RAM, with an SRAM interface on a FCRAM core.
2. Common Specifications for Mobile RAM (COSMORAM)
Common specifications for next generation mobile pseudo SRAM user interface announced by Fujitsu, NEC Electronics, and Toshiba on February 17, 2003.

FCRAM is a trademark of Fujitsu Ltd.

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