Anritsu Unveils Portable Self-Contained Ethernet Performance Test System

11/11/2004 - Anritsu Company introduces the MD1231A1 at SC2004, the only fully-portable self-contained Ethernet performance test system with support for two 10 GbE ports and Layer 3/IP testing. The MD1231A1's combination of performance and small size makes it a unique and valuable test tool for carriers and enterprise users who need broader test capabilities than those provided by low-cost handheld products.

The MD1231A1's Layer 3/IP testing capability and its unique 1 millisecond bandwidth measurement resolution are critical for troubleshooting today's sophisticated real-time IP applications transporting voice and video. Additionally, its two 10 GbE ports provide numerous benefits for ensuring the performance of Ethernet networks. The MD1231A1 can significantly reduce test time on multi-port products such as switches and routers, because it can test two ports simultaneously. The two 10 GbE ports also allow the MD1231A1 to function at both ends of a test network, transmitting and receiving traffic simultaneously.

Anritsu's unique Ethernet through-mode testing capability is integrated into the MD1231A1. With this capability users can insert the MD1231A1 in an existing Ethernet link and capture, monitor, and analyze traffic in both directions simultaneously at full wire speed, up to 10 Gbps. This is the only way to see the traffic on such a link and troubleshoot various subtle network problems that occur between network elements.

Extremely flexible and expandable, the MD1231A1 supports any combination of two Ethernet or Packet over SONET (PoS) modules, including 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 2.5G PoS/EoS and 10G PoS. For physical line and media converter testing, the MD1231A1 has unique packet and unframed BER test capabilities that verify PRBS integrity in all Layer 2 and IP interface payloads.

A number of options are also available for the MD1231A1 to suit specific testing requirements. The popular Decode and Expert Analysis modules powered by Sniffer Technologies provide much faster and easier troubleshooting, adding 400+ protocol decodes and expert network problem analysis up to OSI Layer 7, plus a converter for Ethereal protocol analysis.

The MD1231A1 provides all this testing and analysis capability in an extremely small and lightweight package that is only 13 pounds and 12.6x4x11.8 inches. Yet, it still incorporates a Windows-based PC, display, and pointing device.

The MD1231A1 price starts at $20,370 for a 2-port Gigabit Ethernet configuration and is available in 4 to 6 weeks.

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