Vitesse Reduces Components by 50% in New Multi-rate SFP Module

11/10/2004 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: VTSS) announced the availability of its VSC5600EV-01 SFP PROTM reference design platform, a 1 to 4 Gbps rate-selectable Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) module design with firmware that enables OEMs and ODMs to quickly bring a low-cost module to market.

The VSC5600EV-01 reference design incorporates the VSC7964, a monolithic Laser Driver and Post Amplifier, and the VSC7977, a bandwidth-selectable Transimpedance Amplifier, both announced in August of this year. The devices are designed to work seamlessly together, reducing the number of components needed by 50%, as well as minimizing the total PCB layer count. As a result, the SFP PRO reference design contains only four PCB layers (Signal - Ground - Power - Signal) and limits the component assembly to the top of the board, signficantly reducing overall manufacturing costs.

According to iSuppli, a leading analyst firm, seven million SFP transceivers will be used in the network storage market next year, and 1.4 million OC-48 SFP transceivers in the metro and telecommunications SONET/SDH market during the same time period.

This Vitesse design incorporates 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 4 Gbps rate selection capability to support the bandwidth adjustment requirements of 4 Gbps INCITS/T11 Fibre Channel standards. Measured results exhibit 40% margin to the 4G Fibre Channel eye mask and greater than 50% margin to the 1G/2G eye mask. The optical sensitivity at the 4 Gbps data rate adds over 6 dB of margin to the standard. This bandwidth selection capability provides module manufacturers with up to 2.5 dBm of additional receiver sensitivity at 1G data rates.

Unlike some existing solutions, the Vitesse design utilizes a standard, off-the-shelf microcontroller from Atmel (the SL828) which allows customers the flexibility of taking the Vitesse-supplied code and modifying it to differentiate their products or to incorporate end-customer-specific features. Other advantages include lower cost, fault isolation, as well as enhanced calibration capabilities such as LOS threshold calibration, peaking adjustment, and bias current adjustment.

The VSC5600EV-01 SFP PRO reference design follows the model of the recently introduced XFP PROÔ reference design, which allows module customers to easily bring XFP modules to market by using the blueprint provided by the design. SFP PRO reference design is complete with SFP-compatible housing as well as ROSA, TOSA, and Vitesse-designed flex circuits for interfacing the optical components to the PCB. A “bent lead” version of the design is available for customers interested in eliminating the need for flex circuits.

“SFP PRO, like XFP PRO, allows an OEM or ODM to focus less on module design and more on manufacturing, shortening the time-to-revenue,” stated Richard Interrante, applications engineering manager for Vitesse’s Transport Products Division. “Vitesse has again tapped into its well-established optical module design experience to provide customers with a proven vehicle for bringing an SFP module to market with state-of-the-art performance, at lower total cost.”

The VSC5600EV-01 design package includes schematic, layout, fabrication files, firmware and performance data, allowing customers to copy the design “as-is” or to customize it as required for a specific application. The design targets 850 nm VCSEL applications up to 4 Gbps, and can be easily expanded to cover 1310 nm FP and DFB laser applications. The VSC7964 has also been shown to have excellent performance up to 8.5 Gbps, opening the door to emerging 8G Fibre Channel applications.

The VSC5600EV-01 is available now. It was shown today during the Asia-Pacific Optical and Wireless Communications Conference (APOC) in Beijing, China. Additional technical information and photos are available for the SFP PRO reference design at Vitesse’s SFP Technology Center

About the Transport Products Division
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