MATLAB Offers 64-Bit Support for MATLAB on Linux

11/10/2004 - The MathWorks announced new support for the MATLAB® and Simulink® product families on AMD64 and Intel EM64T processors. With this new support for x86-64 platforms, users can leverage the benefits of 64-bit computing with applications involving large data sets and computationally intensive tasks.

The MathWorks developed this version for the Linux x86-64 platform in response to the most frequent customer requests: large data set access and manipulation and optimal computational performance. MATLAB support for the x86-64 architecture removes the 4-GB memory limit imposed by 32-bit operating systems that restricts the size of applications’ data files. As a result, users can work with much larger data sets. The computational performance capabilities of this version are among the best of any platform benchmarked at The MathWorks.

“The MathWorks support of AMD64 technology allows their user base in the engineering and scientific community to leverage the performance and large data set handling benefits of 64-bit computing,” said Pat Patla, director, Server/Workstation Business, AMD’s Microprocessor Business Unit, CPG. “AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture provide customers powerful performance with the flexibility to move from 32- to 64-bit applications when it’s convenient for them.”

“Often, customers make current platform decisions based on future application requirements. Many have indicated they plan on moving to x86-64 platforms,” said Leslie Mehrez, MATLAB Marketing Manager, The MathWorks.“Support for 64-bit Linux provides our customers with expanded platform flexibility and the knowledge that we’ll support their present and future computing needs.”

Support for the 64-bit version of the Linux operating system on x86-64 processors is currently available with the recently released MATLAB 7 and Simulink 6. This version adds to the extensive list of platforms supported by MATLAB, including Windows, x86 Linux, Mac, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX. For details about supported operating system and processor requirements, please visit

Simulink 6, which now supports AMD64 and Intel EM64T processors, brings Model-Based Design to complex projects encompassing large models and multiple design teams and improves the process for design, implementation, and verification within and across workgroups.

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