Xilinx Creates CoolRunner-II CPLDs for Small Form-Factor Applications

11/9/2004 - Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX), the world's leading programmable logic supplier, announced two new devices in the CoolRunner-IITM CPLD product family. Known as CoolRunner-IIA and available in 32 and 64 macrocell densities, the XC2C32A and XC2C64A devices incorporate an additional I/O bank to support voltage level translation and device interfacing - at the same time preserving the cost-optimized, low-power characteristics of the CoolRunner-II product family. Xilinx is also offering the two devices in smaller footprint, lower cost packages. The new Micro Lead Frame (MLF) chip scale package options reduce the device footprint at prices comparable to standard Quad-Flat-Pack (QFP) packages (historically, chip scale packages have been substantially more expensive and therefore not good candidates for high volume applications).

According to Patrick Little, vice president and general manager, CPLD Division at Xilinx, "Strong customer demand for very cost effective, low power, small footprint solutions was the catalyst for Xilinx to develop the CoolRunner-IIA products. Support for multiple I/O banks added another dimension of integration and cost savings for our customers. We are pleased to be able to expand our CPLD portfolio to respond to the unique needs of our high volume customers."

Drilling Down on CoolRunner-IIA
The need to integrate multiple circuit functions in a single device is critical - especially for today's highly integrated handheld devices. The new features of the XC2C32A and XC2C64A devices enable this integration in a wide range of applications. They are ideally suited for interfacing busses and devices that use varying voltages and standards. They are employed as fixes or extensions to standard products and ASICs. In addition, with the low power and high performance enabled by the proprietary RealDigital technology from Xilinx, these new products are the ultimate custom logic for low-power sensitive, handheld designs.

The need for voltage translation is common in many systems. While there are numerous discrete logic solutions to address this problem, they are limited by their relatively high price and inability to integrate additional functionality. By comparison, the CoolRunner-IIA CPLD solutions allow a designer to cost effectively implement voltage translation as well as many other logic functions in a single programmable logic device.

MLF Packages Offer Lower Cost Small Form Factor Packaging
With the new MLF packages, customers can now get the benefit of chip scale packages at a significantly lower cost. The CoolRunner-IIA 32 macrocell CPLD is available in a 32 pin, 5mm by 5mm MLF package with 21 I/O, while the 64 macrocell CoolRunner-IIA CPLD is available in a 48 pin, 7mm by 7mm MLF package with 37 I/O. These packages offer substantial price savings over similar sized ball grid array packages. They also offer better electrical characteristics and are much easier to probe since there are no buried pins. The new packages are available at Pb-free devices - to support applications that must comply with Reduction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) requirements. Xilinx uses the package designator "Quad Flat No-Lead Pb-free" (QFG) for MLF package options. Xilinx further extends its full range of small form factor packages that extend from 21 I/O to 106 I/O in a variety of MLF and chip scale ball grid array packages offered in 32 macrocell to 256 macrocell device densities.

Xilinx Growing Strong in CPLDs
Xilinx CPLDs continue to gain significant traction in the traditional communications and data processing markets as well as in the emerging high volume consumer electronics and automotive markets. Exiting the third quarter of calendar year 2004, Xilinx estimates that its share of the CPLD market segment increased to more than 25 percent up from 20 percent versus the prior year and up from approximately 10 percent five years ago. The company attributes this success to a sharp focus on understanding and meeting the specific needs of its CPLD customers.

Product Pricing and Availability
The new CoolRunner-IIA 32 macrocell CPLD (XC2C32A-6VQ44C) is priced at $0.85 and the new CoolRunner-IIA 64 macrocell CPLD (XC2C64A-7VQ44C) is priced at $1.20. The CoolRunner-IIA 32 macrocell CPLDs (XC2C32A) are available now and the CoolRunner-IIA 64 macrocell CPLDs (XC2C64A) will be available in December 2004. Full software support for both is available in ISE6.3i. These devices are available from distributors worldwide or direct from Xilinx.

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions. For more information, visit www.xilinx.com.

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