Aldec Wins Best Value Award for Easy-to-Use Active-HDL Simulator

11/8/2004 - Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed-language simulation and advanced design tools for ASIC and FPGA devices, announced that its Active-HDL product has been selected as the most easy-to-use HDL simulator with the best price for its value. The award was part of the first annual FPGA Journal Awards sponsored by FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal. Award winners were selected based on feedback from design engineers in several formal surveys and studies held over the course of the year.

“Users responded that Aldec’s simulator was extremely approachable and easy to learn,” stated Kevin Morris, editor-in-chief of FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal. “In addition, they highlighted the company’s whole-solution approach to simulation and debug and its clear focus on FPGA design in particular. Readers also found Aldec’s tools to be an outstanding value for the price.”

The primary data for determining the winners came from online user surveys of completed FPGA projects. Respondents were those who had completed a real FPGA project within the past year, and answers were tabulated based on responses related to those completed projects. Readers were asked to rank the importance of a number of factors in choosing their tools and the vendors that sold them. We then asked you to rate how well your particular vendors and products performed in each of those categories. To see more on how the survey was completed, please visit:

“It is gratifying to be publicly recognized with this award for something that Aldec has always strived to provide its customers – to make design and verification as simple as possible,” stated Eric Seabrook, product marketing manager for Aldec. “We provide a tool for the majority of the industry, namely those engineers that would rather be thinking about the design and not worrying about the language or methodology that is required to make it happen. There couldn’t be a higher honor than being recognized for this award by the users themselves.”

Easy-to-Use Software Based on Automation and Wizards
Active-HDL offers many capabilities designed for ease-of-use. This is visible through Active-HDL’s automated graphical design flow and project manager which are changeable to vendor specific design flows. In addition, Active-HDL also contains many design capture and debug options together with a high-performance, mixed VHDL, Verilog, and SystemC™ simulator.

The product also has many built-in wizards and automated task capabilities that make up the graphical user interface of the tool. Tools like the Testbench Wizard, VHPI/PLI Wizard, and soon-to-come Assertion Wizard that will allow the design engineer to easily author and implement OVA and PSL Assertions into the design without requiring designers to have in-depth understanding of the language.

Complete Design and Verification
Having all the capabilities for design capture, mixed simulation and debugging in one complete suite is the real benefit of the solution. Using separate vendors means managing many different pieces of a design flow. Active-HDL automates this process through the project manager and is integrated to most third-party synthesis and place and route tools on the market providing push button functionality. This leaves much less for the engineer to manage and makes updating and maintenance even easier.

About Active-HDL
Active-HDL is a Windows®-based, completely integrated, high performance HDL design and simulation environment. It supports VHDL, Verilog, SystemC and EDIF from design entry through implementation. Active-HDL provides the fastest simulation runs for all designs, regardless of source language or target silicon, including those with embedded devices.

The product conforms to IEEE standards for VHDL and Verilog and provides a complete FPGA vendor-independent solution. Active-HDL 6.3, which is available today, includes a multi-design workspace, HDL editor, state machine editor, block diagram & schematic editors, automatic testbench generation, simulation design profiler, signal agent, waveform viewer, SystemC and a choice of VHDL, Verilog or mixed-VHDL/Verilog/EDIF simulation. Active-HDL 6.3 is sold directly from Aldec and all sales include one year of product maintenance. For a FREE evaluation copy of Active-HDL 6.3, please visit our company’s website at

About FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal
FPGA and Programmable Logic Journal ( reaches a web audience of over 38,000 readers in 87 countries, and its weekly e-newsletter is read by over 9,200 subscribers. Now in its second year, FPGA Journal features original articles on programmable logic, structured ASIC, and design automation, as well as applications such as digital signal processing (DSP), embedded systems, ASIC verification and high-speed interconnect. Readers are primarily design engineers, engineering managers and executives overseeing engineering development projects.

About Aldec
Aldec, Inc., a 20-year EDA tool provider, is committed to delivering high-performance, HDL-based design verification software for UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms. Aldec is dedicated and responsive to serving its customers’ needs with its offices located around the globe. Continuous innovation, superior product quality and a total commitment to customer service comprise the foundation of Aldec’s strategic objectives. Additional information about Aldec is available at

Active-HDL is a trademark of Aldec, Inc.

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