TDK Introduces EMV-Ready Smart Card Reader Software Stack

11/4/2004 - At the smart card industry trade exhibition, Cartes 2004, TDK Semiconductor Corp., a leader in the design and manufacture of mixed-signal semiconductor ICs for world markets, announced a smart card reader software stack, which will facilitate design of TDK’s 73S1112F and 73S1121F controller-based smart card reader ICs into ready-to-use smart card reader modules, compatible with the international standards EMV4.1 (level 1), ISO7816-4 and JICSAP.

The TDK “EMV-Ready” firmware application has been designed to allow immediate and seamless integration of a card reader function into any microcontroller-based system. The application software includes a Command Interpreter layer, operating on a challenge / response scheme, dedicated to smart card management. The format of these commands is based on the PC/SC specification, suitable to either embedded or PC applications. The “EMV-Ready" firmware also includes a proprietary communication protocol that guarantees the integrity of the data exchanged between the host and the TDK controller. Error detection and correction are supported by this protocol.

Integrating a smart card reader function into a system can be a time-consuming task, requiring in-depth smart card experience especially when it comes to implementing the software protocol layer used to communicate with the smart cards. It can get even tougher when the card reader must go through a formal EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) type-approval process. With TDK Semiconductor’s 73S11xxF circuits, pre-programmed with the “EMV-Ready” application, the implementation of such a card reader function can be done immediately by connecting the 73S11xxF circuit to the system’s host through a serial interface. The application includes the EMV test routine that allows the immediate evaluation and further submission to accredited laboratories.

In addition, connecting extra peripherals, or using other built-in features is facilitated by the easy addition of custom commands, making the whole solution extremely flexible.

“TDK Semiconductor is the first semiconductor manufacturer to offer such an advanced software stack without the involvement of a 3rd party,” explained Jean-Christophe Doucet, Sr. Product Line Manager at TDK Semiconductor. “This is extremely important in terms of cost (no additional royalty is due) and in terms of support. TDK Semiconductor’s Application Engineers are available to help customers during the integration and certification processes."

TDK “EMV-Ready” executable software stack is available free of charge, royalty-free with TDK Semiconductor’s 73S1112F and 73S1121F circuits and demo boards. Contact TDK Semiconductor’s authorized distributors – Nu Horizons ( and All American ( for further information in the US, and Micropuissance ( in France. Authorized distributors for other countries can be found by visiting the company’s web site at

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