TDK Semiconductor Unveils Three Low-Power Smart Card Interface ICs

11/4/2004 - At the smart card industry trade exhibition, Cartes 2004, TDK Semiconductor Corp., a leader in the design and manufacture of mixed-signal semiconductor ICs for world markets, debuted three new smart card interface circuits: the TDK 73S8023C, 73S8024C and the 73S8010C. These chips possess very-high efficiency (85%) and a small size step-up/step-down converter that provides the highest card current capability for such card interfaces, with up to 100mA supplied to the card. Additionally, a power down mode is implemented that allows the host to place the smart card interface function in a mode that will only draw a couple of micro-Amps. Such features make these new TDK circuits well suited for battery powered and power sensitive applications, such as portable Point-of-Sales terminals, PIN-pad readers, and payphones, as well as any portable smart card based payment or indentation devices, such as cell phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

The 73S80xxC devices all comply with ISO-7816-3 and EMV4.1 standards. Differences between these three new TDK circuits reside in the host interface: The 73S8010C is controllable through I2C, whereas 73S8024C and 73S8023C devices exhibit parallel I/Os compatible with the industry standards TDA8004 and TDA8002. Control of multiple smart card interfaces in parallel through the same host control bus is possible without additional external circuitry with the 73S8010C and 73S8023C.

The 73S8024C is firmware compatible with current industry-standard devices. Consumer applications such as Set-Top-Boxes, DVD / HDD recorders, LCD TVs, and such can take advantage of the low-voltage operating mode of the 73S8024C to remove the 5V system power supply from their conditional access functions, dramatically lowering the overall bill-of-materials costs. Significant reduction of power dissipation is possible with the TDK 73S80xxC, which displays more than 500mW of savings compared and measured under EMV conditions.

“The TDK 73S80xxC new family of card interface ICs is dedicated to low-voltage, low-power, and battery-operated applications," said Jean-Christophe Doucet, Sr. Product Line Manager at TDK Semiconductor. "With a built-in step-up/step-down converter that shows top-of-class performance in terms of efficiency, power consumption and card current capability, these TDK circuits are ideal for integration of card reader slots in cell-phones, PDAs and Personal Video recorders, and of course in traditional applications like Point-of-Sales terminals, PIN-pad readers, and payphones. With these three advanced new circuits addressing the payment, conditional access and digital identification segments, TDK Semiconductor offers the widest active range of ICs for smart card readers."

Samples of TDK 73S8024C, 73S8023C and 73S8010C are available now. These ICs are available in SO28 and in QNF32 packages making them idea for applications that need to save board space. Like all other TDK Semiconductor products, these new circuits are also available in lead-free and green material. Production volumes will be available in Q1 2005. Pricing starts at $2.00 each in 1k quantities. Demo boards are available now. Contact TDK Semiconductor’s authorized distributors – Nu Horizons ( and All American ( for further information in the US, and Micropuissance ( in France. Authorized distributors for other countries can be found by visiting the company’s web site at

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