Multi-Tech Remote Access Equipment Enables Early Voting In Iowa

11/4/2004 - With Iowa being a swing state for this year’s presidential election, the necessity for accurate voter registration is obvious. So when Polk county set up registration verification for early voters in eleven remote locations, they needed a system that could be relied on to make no mistakes. They chose a remote access product from Multi-Tech Systems to communicate with their registered voter database.

Each of the eleven remote voting locations was connected to a Multi-Tech remote access server via a laptop PC and modem. For the two weeks of early voting there were 13,615 voters verified without a single error…perfect performance.

According to Gary Ash, Technology Systems Specialist, the Polk County Election Office, “The procedure starts when the voter comes to the early voting site which is connected to the main voter database at the Polk County Election Office. The voter is researched on the computer in real time with the database and is verified that they are registered and then issued the correct absentee ballot for the precinct in which they reside. When the voter has completed the voting process, they return the sealed envelopes to the satellite workers, and the record is updated to indicate that they have voted. The Polk County database will show if the voter has voted at the polls, by absentee ballot or at an early voting site. All ballots are sealed and transported to the Election Office Vault until Election Day, when they will be processed for this election.”

“All the communications between the remote voter locations and the Polk County Election Office was handled by the Multi-Tech equipment. It worked flawlessly for the entire early voting period of two weeks with not a single error. That is the kind of performance we needed and received from our Multi-Tech equipment.”

Remote access, which is the process of connecting remote-computing devices via a communications line to access a central shared resource, is what data communications is all about. A modem is often the remote instrument and a Remote Access Server (RAS) is typically the device at a central location enabling the connection. Multi-Tech has been in the remote access business for its 30 plus years of existence, and currently is producing a wide range of RAS products from the analog modem-based systems used here for registration verification of early Iowa voters to digitally terminated T1 and PRI-based systems for larger enterprise applications.

About Multi-Tech
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc., a leading telecommunications and data communications technology company based in suburban Minneapolis is an ISO 9001:2000 certified global manufacturer of Internet, remote access, and telephony products, and provides end-to-end solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Multi-Tech's products are available through a worldwide network of business partners (distributors, resellers, system integrators, ISPs, and ISVs), or in embedded solutions from OEMs.

Privately held, Multi-Tech Systems has over 60 U.S. patents and numerous international patents. The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes patents covering transmission of multiplexed voice, data and video packets used in technologies such as Internet telephony, PC telephony, voice over IP or frame relay, and DSVD modems. For additional information, contact Multi-Tech at 800/328-9717 or 763/785-3500, via fax at 763/785-9874 or browse the company's World Wide Web home page at

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