Spectrum Debuts TM1-3350 Wideband Radio Frequency Interface Module

11/3/2004 - Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: SSPI / TSX: SSY) announced the availability of the TM1-3350 transition module, a wideband dual analog-to-digital (ADC) and dual digital-to-analog (DAC) converter module. This module is suitable for interfacing with 80MHz wide analog signals centered at an industry standard Intermediate Frequency (IF) of 160MHz, or 70MHz wide signals centered at 140MHz. The TM1-3350 is the latest input/output (I/O) module addition to Spectrum's industry leading Software Communications Architecture (SCA)-enabled SDR-3000 software defined radio signal processing platform.

This receive/transmit module is targeted at wide bandwidth applications such as military satellite communications (MILSATCOM) and electronic warfare (EW). The module supports direction finding and smart antenna applications with coherent sampling capabilities across multiple modules. Time stamping and internal/external clocking are also supported.

Driven using Spectrum's quicCommTM Application Programming Interface, the module comes with a comprehensive software suite. This suite includes examples demonstrating the simultaneous and sustained movement of digitized data at over 800 Megabytes per second full-duplex between the TM1-3350 and the channelization processors within the SDR-3000 product family. The TM1-3350 is in stock and is available for immediate delivery.

"The TM1-3350 enables us to bring the processing power and flexibility of the SDR-3000 to bear in applications, such as satellite communications, that require wider bandwidths and higher intermediate frequencies," stated Mark Briggs, Spectrum's Director of Marketing. "The TM1-3350 is fully integrated with the SDR-3000 platform, thereby enabling our customers to focus their engineering efforts on developing differentiating algorithms rather than integrating infrastructure."

The TM1-3350 employs two Analog Devices AD9430 12-bit ADCs and two Analog Devices AD9755 14-bit DACs. This module sends and receives digitized data through a full-duplex digital IF interface. The TM1-3350 can be clocked externally at up to 213.33 mega-samples-per-second (MSPS) or by using an internal clock that can be locked to an external 10 MHz reference. This module accepts and decodes Global Positioning System based time code input, which can be used for time stamping of data and synchronization of multiple modules. Additional details on the module can be found at: http://www.spectrumsignal.com/products/sdr/tm1_3350.asp.

Spectrum Signal Processing Inc. (NASDAQ: SSPI / TSX: SSY) is a leading supplier of software defined platforms for defense electronics applications. Spectrum's products and services are optimized for military communications, signals intelligence, surveillance, electronic warfare, and satellite communications applications. Spectrum's integrated, application-ready products provide its customers with compelling time-to-market and performance advantages while mitigating program risk and cost parameters. Spectrum Signal Processing (USA) Inc., based in Columbia, MD, provides applications engineering services and modified commercial-off-the-shelf platforms to the US Government, its allies and its prime contractors. More information on Spectrum and its flexCommTM product line is available at www.spectrumsignal.com.

TM flexComm and quicComm are trademarks of Spectrum Signal Processing Inc.

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