Broadcom Upgrades WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software with Enhanced Security

11/3/2004 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications, announced WIDCOMM® BTW 4.0, the new release of its popular Bluetooth® software, enhancing security and adding advanced audio/video (A/V) capabilities to the industry's most widely adopted Bluetooth software. The new software was tailored and optimized for seamless integration with Broadcom® single-chip Bluetooth solutions and enhanced with important security upgrades for enterprise and small office customers. It was also tested and qualified for native support and seamless operation with Microsoft's recently announced Service Pack 2 upgrade for the Windows XP® operating system (Windows XP-SP2).

Wireless, high quality stereo audio headsets and speakers enabled by the new WIDCOMM BTW (Bluetooth for Windows) 4.0 software is an exciting new application expected to drive widespread Bluetooth adoption for consumers over the coming years. A/V enhancements built into BTW 4.0 software will bring a new level of audio quality to wireless headsets, enabling a generation of products capable of delivering CD-like stereo sound without the need for wires. The same A/V Bluetooth profile support can be expected to appear in upcoming consumer electronics products like MP3 players, cellular phones, PDAs, and other appliances.

"BTW 4.0 answers two distinct needs in the Bluetooth space: enhanced security, and the ability to effectively stream high-quality audio to wireless headphones or speakers. It is changing the dynamics of how consumers will experience multimedia content on their PCs," said Ron Wong, Senior Product Line Manager for Broadcom's Bluetooth software products. "Broadcom's unique ability to design and deliver all the critical technology pieces for next-generation wireless electronic devices enables our partners to bring products to market quickly and with features that hold great appeal for consumer markets."

BTW 4.0 Enhances Security
Bluetooth has established itself as the clear wireless PAN (Personal Area Network) technology of choice in large corporations as well as small and home office environments. Leading PC OEMs are already shipping Bluetooth in a large number of their commercial notebook PCs and are expecting continuous growth and accelerated adoption into 2005. With this rapid adoption, large enterprises have expressed growing concerns over security and software virus spreads. The new WIDCOMM BTW4.0 software incorporates enhanced security capability to help address these concerns. Broadcom implemented unique software functionality and tested it to ensure a higher level of security, to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and bolster the software against malicious attacks.

New Software Transforms A/V
PC OEMs have come to appreciate the flexibility of embedding Bluetooth into their desktop and notebook computers to connect wirelessly with mobile phones and PDAs. Wireless mice and keyboards are taking advantage of the technology as well, offering valuable freedom and convenience to consumers. These same advantages are now enabled for stereo headsets and speakers with Broadcom's new BTW 4.0 software. Wireless headsets or speakers enabled with Broadcom Bluetooth technology can stream high quality sound while also performing remote control functions such as pausing or stopping play, and selecting tracks. In addition, consumers can place wireless speakers in all corners of the room, enabling enhanced sound and audio distribution for DVD and CD playback.

New Features and Profiles
Broadcom's WIDCOMM BTW 4.0 incorporates the latest software "profiles," which ensure a common set of features between two Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth profiles are developed and standardized through the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). BTW 4.0 features many of the latest profiles, which provide advanced multimedia capabilities including:

BTW 4.0 also supports the Basic Imaging Profile, which provides the ability to "push" and "pull" images wirelessly between a mobile phone or digital camera and a PC. In addition, the new software release was designed to work seamlessly with Broadcom's BCM2035 and BCM2045 single-chip Bluetooth solutions. It was tested and qualified to work seamlessly with Microsoft's latest operating system update, Windows XP-SP2, thereby ensuring forward compatibility to PC OEMs and end-users as they upgrade to this latest operating system.

End users can be assured that as increasingly advanced Bluetooth A/V applications gain adoption, Broadcom's BTW software will enable a richer and more secure user experience.

Broadcom's WIDCOMM BTW 4.0 software is currently shipping to Broadcom's early access partners.

About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. We design, develop and supply complete system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions incorporating digital, analog, radio frequency (RF), microprocessor and digital signal processing (DSP) technologies, as well as related hardware and software system-level applications. Our diverse product portfolio addresses every major broadband communications market and includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; high definition television (HDTV); cable and digital subscriber line (DSL) modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan, wide area and storage networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network and security processors; and SystemI/OTM server solutions. These technologies and products support our core mission: Connecting everything®.

Broadcom is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and may be contacted at 1-949-450-8700 or at

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