ELinOS 3.0 Easily Assembles Linux Kernel for Kontron's ETX and X-board

11/2/2004 - Embedded Linux pros and beginners can benefit right now from ELinOS's software support for Kontron's ETX and X-board embedded modules. With just a few clicks, an application-specific Linux system for Kontron's modules can be compiled, though the developer need not have exact knowledge of the internal connections of the target systems. This means developers requires less expert knowledge and saves a great deal of time. Support is currently available for the ETX-P3M, ETX-VE, ETX-MGX and X-board<861> modules.

"The best time-to-market and a broad range of products from one company are the essential components of a long-term successful product from an OEM. Therefore, it is essential that the modules from the market leader, Kontron, be included in the board support from ELinOS. With the extension of support to all relevant Kontron modules and boards, we will be able to significantly strengthen our presence in the world of embedded systems," says Walter Grossgarten, Partner Manager of SYSGO AG.

"The board support from ELinOS is extremely convenient and saves a great deal of time. We are also glad that, with ElinOS, the issue of board support packages becomes a task shouldered by both board and operating system suppliers. This ultimately enhances the quality of the overall solution and clients do not have to worry, when in doubt, about which part of the overall solution has a problem", adds Zeljko Loncaric, Product Marketing Manager for the ETX, ETXexpress, X-board and DIMM-PC Computer-On-Modules with Kontron AG.

Working with ELinOS
The developer selects a board in ELinOS's graphical configuration tool, ELK. Thus the basic configuration of the board is already set correctly, the necessary files are in the directories provided for the purpose and the user ultimately determines which features will be part of the configuration (network, additional peripherals, file system, etc.). ELinOS then checks the consistency of the entries and automatically creates a Linux kernel adjusted for the selected target. Afterwards, the application-specific optimized kernel, operating system and application software, which have been developed in the ELinOS integrated development environment CODEO, can be installed and tested. Evaluation is simple using the graphical interface COGNITO to analyze system behavior because all system information can be accessed, displayed and visualized here. Procedures that are not optimized, or are failure-prone, can be recognized at a glance.

Kontron Computer-On-Module standards
No other company in the Embedded world has made more Computer-On-Module (COM) de facto standards in past years than Kontron AG. While still known as JUMPtec, the company launched the first module standard DIMM-PC, followed a little later by ETX. Both standards are recognized worldwide today, and are supported by many companies. The newest module standards are X-board and ETXexpress. Both standards show that the market leader is also clearly the technology leader, because the rest of the Embedded world is following suit and gradually announcing their own assemblies. For example, the flagship ETXexpress is also supported by Intel, Radisys, Adlink and, most recently, by Advantech as well. Thus, most of the global players in the COM market are in agreement and users benefit from the competition.

SYSGO AG was founded in 1991 by 3 engineers in Mainz, Germany. The company employs more than 60 people, has 4 locations in Germany and owns branches in Sweden and the Czech Republic. In October 2002, SYSGO became a public company. The purpose of the company is the supply of basic and system software to support board and device manufacturers in the development of embedded systems, i.e. complex electronic devices which have their own processors and operating systems. With more than 60 employees, SYSGO has over 200 person-years of experience with the Linux operating system in the embedded area. Since 2000, SYSGO has offered ElinOS, a unique integrated development environment for embedded Linux. Moreover, since 1992, SYSGO has been a distributor for the real-time operating system LynxOS from LynuxWorks, Inc. This operating system is certifiable in accordance with DO-178B and is used primarily in security critical applications such as aeronautics and space travel. SYSGO's customers include, among others, DaimlerChrysler, EADS, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Rohde&Schwarz, Siemens, VDO... www.sysgo.com, www.elinos.com

About Kontron
A leading global embedded computer technology company, Kontron supplies a diversified customer base of OEMs, system integrators and application providers in the communications, automation, transportation, medical, military, aerospace, and test and measurement markets. The company helps its customers to considerably reduce their time-to-market and to gain a competitive advantage with products including high-performance open computer platforms and systems, single board computers, man-machine interfaces and mobile computers. Kontron employs more than 1,800 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The company is listed on the German TecDAX 30 stock exchange under the WKN "605395". For additional information on Kontron, please visit: www.kontron.com.

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