Architected, Rapid Application Development Approach Yields 1,500% ROI

11/1/2004 - A new, independent research report published by industry analyst firm Gartner, Inc., confirms the architected, rapid application development (ARAD) approach. The study, authored by Gartner’s Mike Blechar and Matt Hotle, examined the productivity and ROI benefits of service-oriented application development methods and found that ARAD can yield an ROI of up to 1,500 percent. The study also concluded with the recommendation that organizations “strongly consider adopting” ARAD solutions over traditional development processes and technologies. ARAD is the approach used by Compuware (NASDAQ: CPWR) OptimalJ, a leading, model-driven, pattern-based enterprise development solution.

Mike Blechar, Gartner Vice President said: “As mainstream development organizations seek to increase productivity while leveraging teams comprised of mixed skill sets, many are turning to tools that include pre-built and reusable frameworks with architectural and design patterns that can generate between 60 and 85 percent of an application’s code.” For the study, Gartner surveyed several corporate users of a leading tool that enables this approach--dubbed ARAD or model-driven pattern-based (MDPB) development--and reported productivity and quality improvements that translate into an ROI of between 200 and 1,500 percent on ARAD projects. Gartner projected that organizations adopting ARAD tools and methodologies can expect to reduce overall development expenses by between four and 20 percent during a five-year period.

Blechar continued: “This should be a wake-up call to every development organization: If you manage a mainstream team with a mixed set of skills, then the ARAD development approach holds the most promise for productivity gains, overall cost savings and the consistent delivery of high-quality, reusable software assets. As a growing number of organizations and studies such as this one report significant returns, the market for solutions that employ models and patterns to generate code based on an architectural framework is really heating up. The time has come for all organizations to begin evaluating and migrating to such tools.”

“We are very impressed with the productivity we’ve gained with Compuware OptimalJ; it has made our development organization extremely agile, enabling our projects to quickly respond to the changing needs and requirements of the line-of-business,” said Richard Blais, General Manager of Locus Systems, an application development services provider and Compuware OptimalJ customer. “We now complete enterprise development projects in half the time it took us with traditional processes and tools. Further, the applications we deliver are easier to maintain and enhance since Compuware OptimalJ automatically enforces standards through model-driven code generation, and we are building a bank of valuable software assets that we can leverage to reduce the cost of future projects.”

Compuware is one of the first and most experienced major vendors using MDPB to automate design models into code. Compuware OptimalJ delivers on the productivity promises of ARAD by helping organizations rapidly respond to business change, increase development efficiency and dramatically decrease maintenance costs. The Compuware solution also ensures consistent application quality through the enforcement of best practices and platform independence by deploying to all of the major application servers.

“This landmark study confirms something that Compuware OptimalJ customers have been reporting to us for the past two years: the impact that model-driven, pattern-based development--or ARAD--has on an organization’s bottom line is incredible,” said Dan Schoenbaum, vice president of strategy for Compuware. “We have offered the most advanced tool in this market for a long time, and we will continue to help CIOs and development managers realize how much value tools like Compuware OptimalJ deliver in terms of more agile, cost-effective IT.”

The Gartner study, titled “ARAD Methods and Tools Improve Productivity and ROI,” is available at

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