Tilcon Features IDS on Renesas' Telematics Platform at Convergence

11/1/2004 - Tilcon Software, the first GUI/HMI tool vendor to be selected for Renesas Technology’s COMET (Community Enabling Telematics) initiative, will feature its Interface Development Suite (IDS) on Renesas Technology’s telematics platform at Convergence 2004.

In addition, Tilcon has been invited to present at this year’s COMET Conference to be held during Convergence.

“The rising demand for sophisticated graphical displays in car infotainment and navigation systems is fueling intense interest in Tilcon’s unique offering on Renesas platforms,” says Prosanto Sarkar, VP Marketing at Tilcon. “Tier 1 OEMs that have adopted the globally successful SH-4 architecture can now offer an industry-leading graphics solution that allows them to rebrand their user interface without re-engineering. As a result, our OEM customers can offer a unique platform and competitive business model that can easily and cost-effectively adapt to local market requirements, on a world wide basis.”

According to Anand Ramamoorthy, Director, Car Infotainment and Telematics, Automotive Business Unit, Renesas Technology America, “A key factor in the success of a CIS/telematics system is the visual appeal of the information displayed and ease of use for the driver. As a COMET alliance partner, Tilcon brings Renesas customers a compelling next-generation graphics tool, affirming our choice to select Tilcon as a strategic middleware partner.”

COMET (COMmunity Enabling Telematics) is a development program that provides end-to-end system solutions built around Renesas Technology’s SuperH processors to system engineers designing telematics and car infotainment systems. The program consists of members who supply hardware, software and middleware providers in the telematics market. For more information about the COMET initiative, please visit www.comet-alliance.com

About Tilcon Software, Ltd. (www.tilcon.com)
Tilcon has over 14 years' experience in developing user interface tools for real-time and embedded application developers. The Tilcon Interface Development Suite (IDS) is used worldwide by manufacturers of mission-critical systems and devices to rapidly design, develop and deploy sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces. Tilcon’s next generation software allows OEMs to offer a more competitive business model – OEMs can now rapidly meet the unique branding requirements of their customers at dramatically reduced costs.

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