Microchip's Free Library Enables Connectivity for Embedded Applications

11/1/2004 - Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced the availability of the V.22bis/V.22 Software Modem Library (2400 bps) and the V.32bis/V.32 Software Modem Library (14.4 Kbps), which support the Company's 16-bit dsPIC® digital signal controllers. These sophisticated Modem Libraries are ideally suited for the growing number of high-performance embedded designs that need to communicate short messages and transactions through telephone lines. For short messages, these Libraries significantly outperform protocols with faster data rates when comparing total connection time. The V.22bis/V.22 Software Modem Library is available at no cost to users, reducing size and component count while enabling faster time to market.

"The dsPIC digital signal controllers offer significantly more performance than is available on traditional 8- or 16-bit microcontrollers, while remaining in the same price range," said Sumit Mitra, vice president of Microchip's Digital Signal Control Division. "Our Software Modem Libraries enable designers to gain a competitive edge with their products either through cost reduction or by using connectivity to enable new features."

These new Modem Libraries address two important trends in embedded design: the need for enhanced connectivity among embedded applications and reducing total system cost by using a software-based modem solution in place of dedicated hardware. The Libraries can control call transactions (AT command set) and modulate/demodulate the signals that are transferred over the communication medium (telephone lines in this case). The dsPIC digital signal controllers provide the processing horsepower to support the software modem plus handle the traditional microcontroller task loading.

Microchip's Software Modem Libraries can bring reduced system cost, smaller size and improved performance to the following representative applications: POS terminals; set-top boxes; drop boxes; fire panels; Internet-enabled home security systems; Internet-enabled power, gas and water meters; Internet-enabled vending machines; smart appliances; industrial monitoring; remote diagnostics for any equipment and portable medical equipment.

The V.22bis/V.22 Software Modem Library consists of the following International Telecommunications Union (ITU)-T compliant components: V.22bis/V.22, V.23, V.21/Bell 103 and V.42. The V.32bis/V.32 Software Modem Library consists of the following ITU-T compliant components: V.32.bis/V.32, V.22bis/V.22, V.23, V.21/Bell 103 and V.42.

Both Libraries support single-channel data-pump implementations. Each data Modem Library is provided with a respective library archive containing all of the data pump object code modules required to link to the user's application. Hardware component drivers, such as UART and dsPIC30F data converter interface (CODEC Interface) for DAA/AFE I/O, are provided in Assembly source code for linking with the user's application. The ITU-T Recommendation V.42 is provided with each library. V.42 contains a High Level Data Link Control (HDLC) protocol referred to as Link Access Procedure for Modems (LAPM) and defines error correcting protocols for modems.

Electronic documentation accompanies the modem library to help users become familiar with and implement the library functions. A comprehensive Soft Modem User's Guide describes the required APIs for the AT, V.42 and data pump layers.

The V.22bis/V.22 Software Modem Library (SW300002) is available today at no cost from Microchip's website. Full source code is provided. The V.32bis/V.32 Software Modem Library (SW300003) is available today from Microchip's website with several pricing options. A license agreement is available at a cost of $5USD and is valid for evaluation of the full library for one year from the purchase date. Another option is a one-time charge of $2,500USD and is applicable for projects that have an anticipated lifetime volume of 5,000 units. Other pricing options are available for higher volumes. See Microchip's website for complete details, or contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized Microchip distributor around the world.

Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP) is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Microchip offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality. For more information, visit the Microchip website at www.microchip.com.

The Microchip name and logo, and dsPIC are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. in the USA and other countries.

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