Digi Remote Power Manager Centralizes Data Center Equipment Management

10/29/2004 - Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), the leader in Connectware, introduced the Digi Remote Power Manager (Digi RPM) family of power control and monitoring devices. The Digi RPM seamlessly integrates with Digi's console server, terminal server and device server families to create the most complete line of power management solutions available. The intelligent Digi RPM enables users to remotely control electrical equipment from a single interface to save time and reduce costs by eliminating the need to dispatch personnel to remote locations for power management tasks. It also protects IT investments by alerting personnel via email or SNMP of increases in temperature or power load.

"The Digi RPM makes device networking easy by enabling IT personnel to perform both console management functions and power management functions from the same interface," said Larry Kraft, vice president of Americas sales and global marketing, Digi International. "When combined with the Digi CM console servers for example, administrators can remotely and securely reboot unresponsive servers or shut down unused devices, while also performing console management functions such as secure out-of-band equipment access from a single web interface. Integration with select Digi PortServer TS terminal servers and Digi device servers also provides scalable power management solutions for virtually any type of installation from anywhere across the corporate LAN/WAN. Hardware is also protected because technicians are alerted to power load and temperature issues before they reach critical conditions."

Providing an easy solution for the control and management of attached electrical devices, the Digi RPM enables users to remotely power on/off devices, measure electrical load, monitor temperature and provide alerts when problems arise. When used with the Digi CM or PortServer solutions, the Digi RPM provides an interface for users to configure alarms for 24/7 real-time notification of out-of-spec conditions. The Digi RPM also provides statistics on average/apparent power, RMS voltage/current, circuit breaker status and maximum current. It is available in both eight-port 1U rack-mountable and ten-port 0U rack-mountable versions. A 0U rack-mountable version is mounted on the side of a rack to conserve space for equipment. The Digi RPM is now available and MSRP ranges from $634 for the Digi RPM 8 to $725 for the Digi RPM 10.

"Companies can safeguard technology investments through the diverse management functions," Kraft added. "For example, the malfunction of a data center cooling system can result in high temperature conditions where servers and other network equipment can be disabled or ruined. With an integrated Digi RPM and Digi CM solution, network administrators are alerted to unstable conditions and can safely shut down critical equipment while the cooling system is being repaired."

About Digi International
Digi International, based in Minneapolis, is the leader in Connectware and makes device networking easy by developing products and technologies that are cost effective and easy to use. Digi markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For more information, visit Digi's Web site at www.digi.com

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