CEVA-TeakLite DSP Core Powers Zoran's DVD Chipset Solution

10/29/2004 - CEVA, Inc., (NASDAQ: CEVA; LSE: CVA), the leading licensor of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) cores and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, announced that Zoran Corporation has licensed and deployed CEVA's TeakLite DSP Core for use in it's DVD Chips. These chips are shipping to leading consumer electronics manufacturers primarily for the North American and Asian markets.

Zoran leveraged the superior processing performance of the CEVA-TeakLite DSP to function as the servo controller in their DVD product line. The CEVA-TeakLite controls the disk axis and provides a superior control platform that is a necessity at ultra high speed disk rotation. This exceptional performance leads to faster, smoother axis operation and accurate head positioning, providing Zoran's customers with highly reliable DVD chips.

In addition, with CEVA-TeakLite's small die size (0.4mm2 at 0.13um Generic Process) and superior code and data compactness (all data and program 16 bits, meaning less memory needed), the silicon area required for the servo controller is dramatically reduced, leading to a significant reduction in cost per chip, crucial in the highly-competitive, price-sensitive DVD chip market.

"The DVD market is one of the most competitive and price sensitive in the consumer multimedia industry", said Ram Ofir, Vice President of Engineering of Zoran. "The ease-of-integration of the CEVA-TeakLite DSP facilitated our rapid development of a low-cost, high-performance DVD solution that has proven a great success with our customers. We look forward to working with CEVA into the future as the Digital Video market grows and matures."

"We are very pleased to announce this licensing agreement with Zoran, one of the leading providers of digital chips for consumer multimedia", said Chet Silvestri, President and CEO of CEVA. "The application range and flexibility of our industry-leading DSP cores is further demonstrated through Zoran's choice of CEVA-TeakLite for their leading DVD solutions. This new licensing agreement underlines our number one position as the leading licensor of open, industry-standard DSP cores."

About CEVA-TeakLite
CEVA-TeakLite DSP is a 16-bit fixed-point general-purpose licensable DSP core designed for low power and high-performance applications such as cellular handsets, DVD players, MP3 players, disk drive controllers, cordless phones, VoIP terminals and various embedded control applications. CEVA-TeakLite DSP, a fully synthesizable soft core, is process independent and easily portable to any ASIC library. CEVA offers an unrivalled portfolio of DSP cores beginning with single-MAC (CEVA-TeakLite DSP) architecture to Dual-MAC (CEVA-Teak), Dual-MAC with Instruction Level Parallelism (CEVA-Palm DSP) and the scalable, multiple MAC and extendible architecture of CEVA-X, the latest generation DSP architecture from CEVA.

About CEVA, Inc.
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