PLX Samples PEX 8532 32-Lane PCI Express Switch to Customers

10/28/2004 - PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT), the leading supplier of standard input/output (I/O) interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage, embedded control, and consumer industries, announced it has reached a significant new milestone with its recently introduced PLX® ExpressLaneTM family of PCI ExpressTM switching and bridging devices. PLX has begun sampling the 32-lane ExpressLane PEX 8532 switch to its early customers.

System and board designers now can order from PLX samples of the PEX 8532, which is available in a 35x35mm, 680-pin BGA package. Additionally, designers can order a PLX Reference Development Kit (RDK) for the PEX 8532, enabling them to evaluate the device, streamline their product development and bring their designs to market faster.

Interoperability with Wide Range of PCI Express Systems, Boards
In addition to sampling the chip, PLX has successfully interoperated PEX 8532 silicon with a large number of PCI Express (PCIe) systems and I/O modules from leading manufacturers. Through its interoperability with this wide range of products, the PEX 8532 will enable next-generation designs with unmatched flexibility and functionality, while assuring compliance with the latest PCIe specification.

The PEX 8532 switching device is the industry’s only 32-lane PCIe switch with eight flexible ports, two virtual channels, and non-transparent bridging. The device provides flexible port widths, allowing any port to be configured as either upstream or downstream through hardware strapping, software configuration or an optional EEPROM. The PEX 8532 switch provides a standard hot plug controller on each port to enable field upgrades. Furthermore, it provides optional end-to-end cyclical redundancy checks (CRC) to support the applications that require the guarantee of data integrity while it moves from source to destination. In addition to the basic error reporting, the PEX 8532 supports advanced error reporting, thus easing system development, debug and optimization.

The PEX 8532 is the first PCIe switch that enables quality of service through the mapping of eight traffic classes on two fully featured virtual channels with arbitration support for each port in server, storage, multimedia and communication applications. Additionally, PEX 8532 is the first PCIe device that offers non-transparent bridge function on any one port to isolate two host or memory domains, enabling use of the PCIe technology in intelligent I/O modules, dual-host and multi-host architectures. Furthermore, the PEX 8532’s non-transparency feature allows use of the PCIe switching technology in complex switch fabric architectures with multi-host and dual-fabric support.

The rich features and flexibility of the PEX 8532 switch enable designers to take advantage of PCIe technology’s efficiencies and advanced features in new applications. System and board designs based on the PEX 8532 can utilize the high bandwidth of PCIe technology in legacy PCI application, while using existing software developed for the PCI interconnect. The PEX 8532 switch can be used in fan-out, peer-to-peer, aggregation, multi-host, intelligent-I/O, switch-fabric, backplane, and high-availability applications.

“This is a significant achievement and a testament to PLX’s engineering expertise to sample ExpressLane PCI Express switch silicon to its early customers after a very short time in the validation lab,” said Akber Kazmi, PLX product addition to the PCI Express ecosystem, as it enables broad deployment of this new interconnect technology. As a major contributor to the development of the PCI Express specification and PCI Express technology promoter, PLX is again proving its leadership by sampling PCI Express switch silicon with unmatched flexibility and features.”

The PLX ExpressLane family of products consists of PCIe switches and PCI/PCI-X-to-PCIe bridges. PLX plans to sample its 16-lane PEX 8516 switch, and PEX 8111 and PEX 8114 bridges in the months to come.

Ordering Information
To order samples of the ExpressLane PEX 8532 and/or its RDK (priced at $995), please contact PLX at 408.328.3500 or go to the PLX sales representative locator.

About PLX
PLX Technology, Inc. (, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA, is a leading supplier of standard I/O interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage, embedded-control, and consumer industries. The PLX solution provides a competitive edge to our customers through an integrated combination of high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and partnerships. These innovative solutions enable our customers to develop equipment with industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability. Furthermore, the combination of PLX product features and supporting infrastructure allow customers to bring their designs to market faster. PLX PCI- and USB-based devices are designed into a wide variety of applications across multiple industries.

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