SPIRIT Creates TeamSPIRIT VoIP Software for Enterprise Collaboration

10/27/2004 - SPIRIT (www.spiritdsp.com), the leading supplier of embedded software products for telecom and multimedia, announces its new product targeted for Multipoint VoIP Conferencing for Enterprise Collaboration Systems - TeamSPIRIT(tm).

TeamSPIRIT(tm) was developed specifically for large-scale applications serving many users with different network connections all over the world. The solution is ideal for enterprise communication/collaboration systems, integrating VoIP with corporate database, business applications, and groupware solutions. Providing top-notch voice quality on the LAN and best effort based public IP networks, TeamSPIRIT(tm) can be effectively used to develop applications requiring the highest level of speech clarity and wideband quality.

The main feature distinguishing TeamSPIRIT(tm) from any alternatives on the market is multipoint conferencing capability. The solution allows multiple speakers talk at the same time, avoiding inconvenient speech drops that are typical of conventional voice conferencing systems. Even dozens of people can participate in one conference without any compromise to speech quality. Regardless of where the conference participants are, this feature allows to unite multiple office locations, mobile professionals, partners and suppliers into one strong enterprise collaboration system.

Multipoint conferencing is further enhanced with RealDuplex(tm) - SPIRIT proprietary technology for echo and noise canceling. Thanks to RealDuplex(tm) several participants can talk simultaneously without any distortions or breaks. It doesn't matter how many people speak at the same time, conferencing doesn't turns into a set of random syllables and sounds.

"TeamSPIRIT(tm) is a Multipoint VoIP solution that fully meets strict reliability and QoS requirements of enterprise collaboration systems. Thanks to advanced voice processing and network management technologies, TeamSPIRIT(tm) delivers exceptional voice quality at multipoint full duplex hands free communication. Latency minimization and packet loss robustness helps to optimize network/equipment costs and server load." - says Andrew Sviridenko, founding CEO of SPIRIT.

SPIRIT (www.spiritDSP.com) is a prominent supplier of high-quality software products for audio and telecom industries. SPIRIT's flexible licensing model includes cost efficient product customization to specific clients' needs. SPIRIT communication software works within hardware solutions from clients including Agere, Atmel, Furuno, JRC, NEC, Nortel Networks, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Tadiran, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba among 100+ other OEMs. Texas Instruments is shipping SPIRIT's software ROM-ed into TI C54CST processor

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