Broadcom Spans RAID Controller Across Multiple I/O Controller Types

10/26/2004 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor solutions enabling broadband communications, announced that it will demonstrate RAID controller spanning across multiple I/O controllers this week at the Storage Networking World Show in Orlando, Florida. This capability to seamlessly add and integrate new I/O technologies to an existing RAID configuration is a first of its kind in the storage industry and will be demonstrated in Broadcom's Hospitality Suite at SNW.

IT professionals often encounter two major issues when upgrading or expanding the capabilities of an existing storage subsystem. First, integrating new hardware technologies (such as chipsets, embedded RAID-on-Chip devices, host bus adapters, etc.) with existing storage implementations often requires re-creating the storage platform from scratch and sacrificing the initial storage investment or implementation. Secondly, expanding current storage capacity typically means replacing existing disk storage with greater capacity devices or implementing independent access to the new storage. In both cases, the ability to add and integrate new I/O technologies to an existing RAID configuration can be very costly, requiring a mechanism to protect the storage investment and easily integrate emerging solutions.

Broadcom's new RAID controller spanning technology addresses these two issues by easing the transition and integration of new technologies into the storage subsystem and providing investment protection for the user. Whether upgrading an existing embedded RAID solution to shared storage, networked attached storage (NAS), a storage area network (SAN) or a mid-tier backup appliance, Broadcom provides seamless integration of new technologies while retaining existing storage hardware and RAID software. When adding new hardware to an existing storage subsystem (such as Serial ATA (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) storage technologies or application-specific integrated circuits, PCI cards or embedded RAID controller cards), the Broadcom® controller spanning technology will span RAID functionality across all of the attached storage devices while simultaneously increasing RAID functionality across the entire solution.

The controller spanning demonstration at SNW consists of a server platform motherboard based on Broadcom's newly announced HT-1000 Server I/O controller with four Serial ATA ports. As part of the demonstration, Broadcom will first build a RAID array across these four SATA ports embedded on the motherboard. Next, it will join additional drives attached to its RAIDCoreTM BC4000 8-port SATA-based RAID controller card to the RAID storage configuration and then seamlessly continue adding more drives attached to the new Broadcom® BCM5773 SATA RAID-on-Chip device within the same RAID configuration.

The ability to combine these three I/O technologies within the existing storage configuration demonstrates the seamless integration of different host controller types, expanding the storage subsystem's functionality and increasing storage capacity while retaining all original data. This seamless integration is made possible by the advanced capabilities of Broadcom's XelCoreTM RAID software, which was developed to be highly portable across storage protocols, I/O buses and operating systems.

"Broadcom is the first storage solution provider in the industry to announce this capability allowing users to seamlessly add and integrate new technologies to an existing RAID configuration without the normal problems typically associated with the integration," said Shriraj Gaglani, Senior Storage Product Manager of Broadcom's Storage Line of Business. "The benefits of this type of solution will not only increase the storage subsystem's functionality and storage capacity, but will protect the customer's storage investment."

About Broadcom
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