Kontron Debuts CP306-V CompactPCI Board with Celeron M Processor 320

10/25/2004 - Kontron Modular Computers expands their 3 HE CompactPCI CPU board series with the PICMG 2.0 compatible CP306-V based on the fast 1.3 GHz Intel Celeron M processor 320. Together with the CP303-V and CP304, the new product forms the value line of the 3 HE CPU series, which is designed for cost-sensitive applications. The value line boards offer customers a cost-optimized set of features and are, on the whole, a less complex design than the high-end Kontron product line. The focus lies on outstanding cost effectiveness rather than uncompromising performance. At less than 1,000 Euro (one thousand) per unit for an average order number, the CP306-V represents an extremely robust and comfortable CompactPCI CPU board, completely sufficient in size for many applications, which also fits into tight budgets.

The CP306-V is designed as a scalable board for the new Celeron M processors with 400 MHz system bus. Beyond the now available socketed 479 pin µFC-PGA chip, Kontron will offer additional Celeron variants in the Intel (embedded) roadmap in the future. Besides the scalability, long-term availability of the CP306-V is thus also guaranteed. The passively cooled processor comes with a 512 kByte L2 cache. The RAM, with or without ECC, has a volume of up to 1 GByte and is mounted on a 200 pin SODIMM socket as DDR-SDRAM.

The board is comprehensively equipped for communication: the version with the 4 TE wide front plate has one port for each of DVI, PS/2, USB and Fast-Ethernet; the version with the 8 TE wide front plate also comes with a CompactFlash adapter, a COM port and a 2.5-inch hard drive carrier, which are located together on a mezzanine module.

Alternatively, a PS/2 port, a CRT-VGA connection, two USB-2.0 interfaces, two COM ports (COM1/COM2 TTL) and a Fast-Ethernet connection can be routed to the backplane via the J2 rear I/O connector. The Kontron CP-RIO3-03 rear I/O expansion assembly enables access to these ports from the rear side of the housing. In addition, a hard drive can be connected via EIDE ATA 33.

Among the uses for the CP306-V are price-sensitive industrial applications, such as those found in production control, machine or facilities construction. The compact board is also useful as a communications computer in information systems.

In the CP Pocket guise - Kontron's price-optimized housing for CompactPCI systems - CP306-V recommends itself as an alternative to compact top-hat rail computers, a market segment where price competition is fierce. Moreover, the front-side exchangeable assemblies in a CompactPCI system are extremely convenient for the system integrator and the maintenance personnel. The system solution offers more convenience and greater flexibility at extremely attractive prices.

Software support is offered for Windows XP, XP Embedded and 2000, Linux and VxWorks, among others.

The CP306-V is available immediately.

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