Renesas Introduces Six Microcontrollers with 3-Channel CAN Controller

10/25/2004 - Renesas Technology Europe announced six new M32C/88 group microcontrollers that are its first to incorporate a 3-channel CAN controller. The M32C/88 group is part of the M16C family's M32C/80 series and inherits the M16C features of highly efficient C-language compatibility, high EMS, low EMI, and low power consumption. The devices incorporate a high-performance CPU core together with a comprehensive set of peripheral functions and large capacity, highly reliable flash memory. They offer excellent cost-performance, providing high performance and functionality at a low price, and are designed for use in automotive and industrial applications.

The connection of three CAN systems has previously required two microcontrollers, but can now be handled by a single M32C/88 group device. This is not only ideal for implementing gateway functions in automotive body controllers connected to a number of networks, but also enables system costs to be reduced through the use of fewer parts. M32C/88 group pin arrangements are compatible with those of the current M32C/84 group (with a single CAN channel) and M32C/85 group (with two CAN channels), facilitating an increase of CAN and allowing smooth system expansion. A function is also provided for connecting two CAN channels within the chip as a single channel, and processing transmit/receive message IDs for two channels on a single channel.

The M32C/88 group microcontrollers incorporate highly reliable on-chip flash memory with a maximum of 512 Kbytes for program storage plus 4 Kbytes for data or program storage. The flash memory operates on a single power supply and achieves a fast write time of approximately 7 seconds for 512 Kbytes.

The M32C/80 CPU core has a 32 MHz maximum operating frequency and a 31.2 ns minimum instruction execution time, achieving a processing performance of 32 MIPS. This high performance is improved through such features as 32-bit calculation circuitry and transfer instructions, along with shift instructions implemented by means of a barrel shifter. The M32C/88 group inherits current M16C family instructions and peripheral functions, and also features pin arrangement compatibility with the M32C/80 series, M16C/80 series and M16C/60 series. This enables the easy upgrade of existing systems, providing a major improvement in system processing performance and allowing a significant reduction in user system development time.

In addition to a comprehensive set of peripheral functions including 16-bit timers, a DMAC, and an A/D converter, the M32C/88 group microcontrollers incorporate circuitry supporting HDLC communications used in ISDN, for example, simplifying the development of products equipped with communication functions. The devices have an on-chip power supply step-down circuit allowing operation on a single power supply, and current dissipation is a low 28 mA typical (at 5 V, 32 MHz operation). Still lower power consumption can be achieved by selecting the on-chip oscillator as the CPU operating clock and using this together with wait mode. A watchdog timer is also provided that continues on-chip oscillator counting even if the device fails and the Xin clock stops.

The microcontrollers are available in 100-pin and 144-pin LQFP packages. Sample shipments will begin in November 2004. A variety of emulator systems are available as development tools to suit different user applications, from a starter kit for initial use to the PC7501 emulator for use in full-fledged development.

CAN: Controller Area Network. A network specification for use in vehicles proposed by Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany.

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