Open Content Platform Association Moves to Next Phase

10/25/2004 - The Open Content Platform Association (OCPA) announced that having successfully met its formation objectives it will now move into a new phase with the creation of the Open Contents Platform User Group (OCPUG). During the last three years, the OCPA’s fifty member companies worked tirelessly to define a multimedia middleware platform that would be independent of networked device type, hardware and operating system, enabling games, music, Java and other services and content of any type to be delivered seamlessly to the user. intent® from Tao Group was selected and ratified as the platform solution of choice. Evolving the OCPA to a User Group will build on these solid foundations to give content creators worldwide access to the intent platform to build highly marketable multimedia applications.

Since the OCPA’s inception in 2001, intent license sales have topped the 10 million unit mark, and the Open Contents Platform has proven its scalability and portability by hitting the market in phones, DVCs, DTVs, STBs, PDAs, home servers, PVRs and other devices running on a variety of ARM, Power PC, x86, MIPS and SH processors and numerous operating systems including iTRON, Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian and VxWorks. In addition to its unique low-level portability, the platform has succeeded in providing major advances for running games, music and Java across networked consumer devices winning a number of awards along the way.

Last year Yasuo Nishiguchi, President of Kyocera Corporation, vacated the OCPA Chair after two years contribution, to be replaced by Francis Charig, Tao's own Chairman. Charig stated then that the objective had to be to conclude ratification and move towards the next phase of increasing the content base. That stage has now been successfully achieved. With the ratification and the original three year plan completed, the OCPA shall be replaced by the OCPUG with the objective of providing access to the ratified platform through online information sources, seminars, application development kits (ADKs) & upgrades and to encourage the creation of product extensions alongside portable content of a quality that can be achieved only by using the intent platform.

Charig said, "We are very grateful for the immense contribution from member companies in helping us define a platform that meets the requirements of the entire food chain based around operators and device manufacturers. For this next phase, we are expecting to work hard collaborating with the industry, continuing to show why the Open Contents Platform gives not only cost and time advantages, but also application quality benefits with more music, games and Java programmes."

Companies and individuals wishing to express an interest in membership of the Open Contents Platform User Group should send an email to

About Tao Group
Tao has developed intent®, a functionally rich multimedia platform now used by many of the world’s leading mobile networks, OEMs and ODMs in their digital client products for mobile and home networks. intent allows them to provide music, gaming and Java services enabled by Tao’s industry-leading spot solutions, or they can deliver a single content and software infrastructure strategy across all of their platforms, irrespective of operating system, hardware and function. intent, with more than 10 million licensed sales to date, is now being used in products including mobile phones, PDAs, cameras, home servers and digital television. The Company is headquartered in Reading, England with offices in Dallas, Tx. and Yokosuka, Japan. It has agents in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo and Yokohama. Tao's financial investors include Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, which has offices in Philadelphia, Dublin and Edinburgh. Technology corporations that have invested into Tao include NEC, Sony, Motorola, Sharp and Kyocera. Tao has a growing and high value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth. intent is the ratified platform of choice for the Japanese-based Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA).

intent is a registered trademark of Tao Group Ltd.


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