Teja NP Supports Intel's New IXP23XX Network Processors

10/21/2004 - Teja Technologies Inc., the leading supplier of embedded networking and communications software for multi-core processor architectures, announced that Teja NP, its award-winning software platform for Intel® network processors, will support the latest additions to the Intel® IXP2XXX product line – the Intel® IXP2350 and Intel® IXP2325 network processors. The Intel® IXP23XX product line extends Intel’s fully programmable architecture to new, lower cost/performance points for access and edge applications.

When combined with Teja NP’s production-ready application library and innovative development methodology, systems developers using the new Intel® IXP23XX network processors will dramatically shorten their time-to-market and reduce their engineering risk. Additionally, Teja NP will allow networking OEMs with applications built for the existing Intel® IXP2XXX network processors (Intel® IXP2400 and Intel® IXP2800) to leverage their investment by providing the means to easily reuse their existing code with Intel’s new IXP23XX network processors.

“We have seen increasing demand for key applications that can scale in performance from access to edge to network core,” stated David Stepner, Teja’s president and CEO. “The Intel IXP23XX product line combined with the Teja NP Software Platform provides OEMs with a sweet spot in terms of cost/performance as well as the time-to-market advantage that will allow them to compete successfully.”

Teja’s unique approach to embedded networking applications greatly simplifies development of software for the parallel, multiprocessing architecture of Intel network processors. Teja NP consists of an Application Development Environment, Network Processing Operating System (NPOS), and a library of foundation application building blocks available from Teja and Teja’s Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), including TCP Termination, IPv4 Forwarding, IPv6 Forwarding, and ATM.

“Our new Intel“ IXP23XX product line is complemented by a rich ecosystem of building blocks and development platforms, similar to the ecosystem around the Intel IXP2400 and IXP28X product lines, designed to minimize time-to-market,” stated Doug Davis, vice president, Intel Communications Group and general manager, Intel Infrastructure Processor Division. “Availability of third-party software products for the entire Intel IXP2XXX product line, such as the Teja NP software support, helps to protect our customers’ development investment by enabling them to reuse their applications across a broad product portfolio.”

Using Teja NP, developers define a complete system’s application logic in a C-based model that is independent of the specific Intel network processor and board configuration. These modular logic components are then assigned to the hardware elements on a specific target, resulting in the automatic generation of optimized production code for the target system. Reusing applications across multiple products or across generations of network processors simply requires reassigning the application logic to the resources of the new target chip or board, whereas alternate methods would typically require a manual code rewrite. For example, Teja demonstrated the ability to re-target its IPv4 forwarding application from the existing Intel IXP2400 network processor to run on the new Intel IXP2350 in just one day.

Teja NP also facilitates integration of third-party hardware and software components, such as coprocessors and protocol stacks that complement Intel network processors. Compatibility with the Intel® Internet Exchange Architecture (Intel® IXA) Portability Framework enables interoperability with “microblock” software modules from Intel and third-party developers. The resulting benefits of using Teja NP include accelerated time-to-market, the reduction of engineering risk and, most importantly, reliable, high-performance products that provide OEMs with a first-to-market advantage.

Teja NP Release 3.5 with support for the IXP23XX product line is available now. An evaluation copy of Teja NP is shipped with the Intel® IXA Software Development Kit (SDK).

Systems developers working with the Intel IXP2XXX product line that are looking to shorten their time-to-performance can view a demonstration of Teja NP in Booth #700 at the Network Systems Design Conference, taking place at Parkside Hall in San Jose, California, October 19-21, 2004.

Teja is an Associate Member with the Intel® Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. For more information, please visit www.intel.com/go/ica.

Teja Technologies, located in San Jose, CA, is a privately held software company developing the industry's first software development platform for multiprocessor-based system architectures. Teja's NP software will save system vendors money and speed their product's time-to-market, providing a significant competitive advantage in today's fast moving networking markets. Teja is backed by world-class investors including Blueprint Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Mayfield, RRE Ventures, Tallwood Venture Capital, and Viventures. For additional information on Teja Technologies, visit the company's website at www.teja.com.

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