Kilopass Rolls Out 90nm Standard CMOS Embedded NVM Technology

10/21/2004 - Kilopass Technology, Inc., an emerging supplier of embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) Intellectual Property (IP) based in Santa Clara, California, announced that its XPM technology is now available for use in ASICs and SoCs using standard logic CMOS 90 nanometer silicon processes in addition to its current products utilizing 0.18, 0.15, and 0.13 micron processes.

XPM, a unique embedded one-time-programmable (OTP) NVM technology, offers the combination of scalability to advanced silicon processes such as 90 nanometer, low standard logic CMOS fabrication cost, storage density from a few bits to up to multiple mega bits and highly secure storage. With its complete range of bit sizes and its wide variety of applications XPM can enhance almost any chip design.

Dr. Jack Peng, CEO, Kilopass Technology, noted, "We have shipped our patented XPM technology to over a dozen customers, and are very pleased to announce that we have tested and verified silicon, in 90 nanometers, with 1,000 hours of burn-in, and that our customers expect to move from silicon prototypes to high volume manufacturing in the next few months."

As a replacement for external memory chips XPM technology can be used in high density embedded memory applications for publishing games, movies and other multimedia content, as well as for secure firmware storage in embedded MCU and DSP-based systems. XPM can also be used for secure ID and data storage for smart cards, for embedded ID and parameter storage, for storing encryption keys, for analog trimming and calibration parameter storage, for storing unique configuration codes and for embedded memory repair.

More about XPM Technology
XPM's patented fuse-programmable technology uses 1.5 transistors per memory cell, is programmable with a low program current by either an external or internal voltage source, and offers a fast read access time of 40nsec - 70nsec (for 1Mbit, 0.18 micron process).

Applications requiring more than one-time programming can use a multiple sector approach with a minimal die area penalty. For example sizing up from 1K bits of XPM-based memory to 8K bits offers eight sectors for limited-time re-programmability and it adds a negligible amount of die area.

XPM Memory Technology Reliability & Security
XPM technology is highly secure. Data is permanently retained for the life of most systems (over 20 years), and is protected from reverse engineering, since it is not possible to detect the stored data with a microscope or by voltage contrast testing.

Licenses for XPM memory technology are available now, and include GDSII layouts as well as simulation and timing models.

About Kilopass
Kilopass Technology, Inc. was founded with the mission of becoming the industry leader in embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology. The Company's super-permanent memory technology is manufactured using standard commercial CMOS process, and is used for storage of firmware and security codes.

The company is headquartered at 3333 Octavius Dr. Suite 101, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
For more information, please visit, call (408) 980-8808 or email

XPM is a trademark of Kilopass Technology, Inc.

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