EPI Development Tools Support Intel IXP46X, IXP23XX Network Processors

10/21/2004 - Embedded Performance, Inc. (EPI) announced support for the Intel® IXP46X and Intel® IXP23XX product lines of network processors.

EPI's offerings include the full range of EPI Virtual.One.StopTM development tool environments, including Linux®/GDB, Windows® CE Platform Builder and EPI's EDBTM source-level debugger used with EPI's MAJIC-MXTM intelligent JTAG probe.

This combination of offerings is ideal for interfacing with the on-chip debug logic in the Intel XScale® microarchitecture, providing intelligent hardware-assisted debug for the most popular software environments used in network access, switching and routing appliances as well as embedded applications with integrated network communications and security.

EDB is a preferred debugger for initial board bring-up, memory system test, flash programming and BSP development. MAJIC-MX is an intelligent JTAG interface probe supported by EPI's OpenDebugTM software interfaces to industry standard debugger APIs. OpenDebug support includes numerous target start-up and initializations files for reference platforms like those Intel is providing for their new network processors.

EPI's OpenDebugTM interfaces and MAJIC® Series intelligent JTAG probes form the foundation of EPI's Virtual.One.StopTM program which provides complete tools-to-target support. The Virtual.One.Stop program provides the flexibility to support multiple target and OS environments with common tools, lowering the cost of ownership, and providing a consistent upgrade path for future product development.

"This unique combination of both open and proprietary tools is ideal for supporting new Intel® network processor designs, providing flexible, high-performance debug environments that support the breadth of system scenarios customers need," said Lyle Pittroff, Vice President of Marketing for EPI. "Previously, EPI has successfully demonstrated how an intelligent debug probe complements and extends the on-chip debug facilities of the Intel® IXP4XX and Intel® IXP2XXX product lines to provide greater control and visibility of the hardware and software operation. This allows a faster debug cycle, thus improving time-to-market."

"Ensuring the availability of robust development tools for the new Intel® IXP46X and IXP23XX product lines at introduction is critical to supporting our customers, both initially and throughout their product development," Frank Schapfel, network processor product line marketing manager, Intel Infrastructure Processor Division. "The EPI tool offering will help developers reduce their software debug and integration time and get products to market faster."

The MAJIC-MX intelligent JTAG interface provides a high-speed connection for debugging the hardware, software and firmware in designs based on the Intel XScale microarchitecture. MAJIC-MX includes support for the real-time execution tracing facilities in the Intel XScale microarchitecture.

The MAJIC® Series works with many other third-party debug tools, including the MontaVistaTM Linux® tools, GNU GDB, Microsoft® Windows® CE Platform Builder, and the ARM® ADS debuggers. This allows developers using the Intel network processors to take advantage of the intelligence of the MAJIC Series probes while maintaining the ability to use a familiar debug interface.

MAJIC-MX connects to the host-based debugger using a 10/100Base-T Ethernet or a high-speed serial port. When used in an Ethernet environment, it is ideal for remote operation and features fast downloading of code.

EPI tools support other Intel XScale technology-based processors and will be updated to support future Intel processors, debug interfaces and SoC solutions. This eliminates the need to buy new emulators for each development, thus reducing future project costs.

Other standard features of the MAJIC Series include programmable JTAG clock speeds to 40 MHz, a large list of hardware test capabilities and the ability to automatically include target-specific files; cleanly partitioning software development tools from target/application-specific needs, like scripts that support watchdog timer support and environment driven non-intrusive connect modes.

EPI is an Affiliate Member with the Intel® Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. For more information, please visit www.intel.com/go/ica.

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