TimeSpring Ships TimeData File-based Continuous Data Protection Software

10/20/2004 - TimeSpring Software Corp. announced the immediate availability of its patented TimeDataTM continuous data protection software – the first file-based continuous data protection software for the Microsoft Windows platform. TimeData software automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time so transaction-dependent organizations can recover from data loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. Additionally, TimeData software makes it easy to use the resulting time-dimensioned data repository for analysis, reporting and testing, allowing organizations to improve decision-making without impacting live operations. TimeSpring's TimeData software represents a major improvement over traditional backup, replication, and snapshot systems.

TimeData supports faster, better application data retrieval and makes it possible to perform offline processing, such as reporting, analysis or application testing by capturing all application and file metadata changes as they occur, automatically and in real time. All changes to data on the company’s servers are captured, checked for consistency, and time-stamped in a secure repository that is built on a standard Windows server. The data in the repository provides a complete change history and audit trail for application data. Accessing data is a simple process and intuitive for anyone familiar with Windows Explorer. Consistent, application-usable data from any moment can be quickly viewed or retrieved at any desired level of granularity, whether it’s an entire database, an individual record, a version of a Word document, or an Excel spreadsheet.

"Businesses that rely on Windows have struggled with the cost and complexity of fully protecting their application data," said Greg Robidoux, president of Edgewood Solutions, a leading provider of products and services for Microsoft SQLServer. "Every business, not just big businesses, needs real-time data to keep business operations running and for decision analysis. TimeData is a faster and simpler solution."

TimeData was developed with the needs of overstretched IT staff in mind, so the software is easy to use, non-disruptive and affordable. It is a software-only solution that works with standard, familiar Windows and Ethernet technology, so users do not have to overcome a learning curve or take time and effort away from their day-to-day tasks in order to implement and run it. The product is designed to be robust; it operates continuously, without operator intervention or scheduling. Continuous system health monitoring alerts users, certified TimeSpring integrators and even TimeSpring support, if there is a problem to be resolved.

"TimeData will work well for companies like mine, who don’t have a lot of people or time," said Michelle Poolet, president of Mount Vernon Data Systems, a database design company, who has used the product. "We are always busy with database development, so closing files or interrupting development to perform backup or create database uploads for clients is costly. With TimeData, there is no interruption and we can easily ship consistent database views to our clients on the fly. It really is worth another person."

TimeSpring’s patented technology has the advantage of being file-based instead of block-based. Unlike block-based technologies, TimeData’s native file-awareness makes data easier to retrieve and inherently consistent without any secondary processing or operator intervention – common problems associated with most backup, replication and snapshot systems. By mitigating the need for specialist skills and the need to restore entire storage volumes, user organizations can have continuous data protection without the cost of additional IT staff. TimeData requires no special hardware and runs in standard Windows environments. It can be installed and used without disrupting existing operations.

"Recent high profile outages across a multitude of industries underscore the need for continuous data protection and availability," according to Arun Taneja, consulting analyst and founder of the Taneja Group. "TimeSpring’s file-based approach makes sense, as it provides application users with a natively intelligent view of their data for any moment in time."

TimeData continuous data protection software is now available. Pricing starts at $1,295 per file server.

About TimeSpring
Capitalizing on its technology patents, TimeSpring's software is setting a new standard for continuous data protection and availability. TimeSpring's software, TimeDataTM, automatically captures all changes to application data in real-time, making it possible to recover from loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes. Additionally, TimeData makes it easy to analyze report and test using real data at any time, without impacting operations. TimeData is easier to implement, easier to use and more affordable than other systems. Founded in 1994, TimeSpring has business offices in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Newport Beach, California, USA and sales offices nationwide. More information is available at http://timespring.com.

TimeData is a trademark of TimeSpring Software Corporation.

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