TransEDA Maintains Growth After Merging Verification Technologies

10/20/2004 - TransEDA, the number one European EDA company and leader in coverage and verification solutions, is celebrating the first anniversary of the merger with TNI-Valiosys, a leading provider of Formal Verification tools, with 40% growth and global customer acceptance.

"The verification trends have been in our favor. We were in the right place at the right time and ready to go to market with the right technologies", says Jean-Luc Bouvresse, C.E.O. of TransEDA. "We have focussed R&D efforts on merging the existing robust technologies of both companies to create unique value for our customers."

Merged Technologies and Maintained Focus
TransEDA applied formal verification technologies with coverage to measure design coverability. This unique Coverability Analysis technology actively guides designers on how to reach full coverage using their existing design environment and without having to integrate multiple vendors' tools or needing formal verification knowledge.

In addition, TransEDA reinforced its commitment to fit its products into customers' environments by developing interfaces to EVE and Verisity leading products, providing joint customers with solutions for low cost emulation and enabling another increase in productivity and quality of SoC designs.

To ensure that customers can take advantage of these benefits, the company reinforced its extensive support network with new Support Engineers in the US, Europe and Asia. TransEDA has delivered several new products this year.

New Coverage and Verification Solutions
"It's not an easy job to merge two companies of the same size. Our engineering teams took up the challenge", continues Jean-Luc Bouvresse. "We focussed our efforts on our main fields of expertise, and six months later TransEDA was back on a growth path."

In the second half of the year TransEDA delivered several new coverage and verification products, extending the scope of its coverage solutions to actively guide designers to full coverage across design languages and simulation platforms.

In addition to the VN-Cover Coverability Analysis option, TransEDA introduced VN-Spec, the first Specification Coverage and Impact Analysis Solution in the EDA market. VN-Spec identifies requirements in the specification documents and tracks the coverage of these requirements throughout the entire implementation and verification process, bringing higher confidence in both the design completeness and the verification flow quality.

Following its strategy to apply formal technologies where they can be most effective, the company introduced imPROVE-HPK, the first automatic formal tool to verify standard bus protocols, saving weeks of modeling time for its customers.

Moreover, TransEDA became the only EDA Company to offer a single solution for the complete PCI family with the company's PCI All-in-One verification IP, providing a single, compatible programming interface that enables verification teams to easily reuse their tests on systems containing any combination of PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI buses.

Sustained Growth
"Our customers have responded to the strategy. Our sales growth has accelerated, culminating at 40% growth over the same quarter last year for the third quarter", says Jean-Luc Bouvresse. "Our team has laid solid foundations for a dynamic company that will continue delivering new products to extend our leadership position. I'm very excited about the future."

About TransEDA
TransEDA is the number one European EDA Company and leader in coverage and ready-to-use verification solutions for electronic designs. The company has over ten years of operating experience in the EDA market. TransEDA provides advanced verification products for simulation platforms including coverability analysis capability, specification coverage and impact analysis, configurable HDL rule checking, static assertion verification, static bus controller coverage, verification IP, bus-based system-level test automation, test suite optimization, and transistor-level functional abstraction. TransEDA is part of the Valiosys Group and has offices in North America, Europe and Japan, and local representatives in China, Korea and Taiwan. For more information, visit

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