Legerity Releases Le87220 BatteryDirect Dual ADSL2+ Line Driver

10/19/2004 - Legerity, Inc., the leading provider of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) for voice and data networks, announced the availability of its Le87220 dual ADSL2+ line driver. Legerity's new product combines both the industry's most cost competitive total solution with the industry's highest rated performance. The part's superiority is further evidenced by 24 design wins, including customer Huawei, a leading provider of ADSL products in China.

The Le87220 is two-channel line driver built on a dielectrically isolated process. The line driver operates directly from the back-plane battery, completely eliminating the DC-DC converter. Additionally, it is very low power (~700mW per channel), boasts a small 6x6 QFN package and has integrated gain setting components and protection diodes. Likewise, the interface between the AFE and the line driver is very simple, further eliminating the need for any feedback components external to the device.

“This product solves the industry's need for cost reduced Bill of Materials (BOM) and improved performance in terms of power and rate-reach,” said Shahin Sadeghi, product marketing manager at Legerity. “The integration of the gain components, along with the BatteryDirectTM architecture, truly makes this part the only dual ADSL2+ line driver in its class.”

The Le87220 is focused on DSLAM and IVD applications, and is estimated to save customers $1.00 per line in power cost savings. It is targeted at $1.25 per channel in high volume.

About Legerity, Inc.
Legerity is a fabless analog/mixed-signal semiconductor company providing integrated circuits for high-voltage interface, signal conditioning, signal processing, and power management applications to more than 400 of the world's premier communications and consumer electronics manufacturers. Using innovative, proprietary analog and embedded digital signal processing technologies, Legerity combines its 20 years of experience, bipolar and CMOS process expertise, analog and digital circuit design capabilities, and more than 600 patents to meet the design challenges of connecting the world of analog signals with the digital domain. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Legerity has offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Visit Legerity on the Web at www.legerity.com.

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