XEMICS RF Technology Enables Win-Tech Wireless Bike Computer

10/19/2004 - The 2004 best product (Interbike trade show), Win-Tech® digital wireless computer from Mavic® is an easy to install and use, device to provide high-quality, real-time bike statistics.

Win-Tech is simple, slick, light and invisible making it useful to riders without adding any weight or drag to the bike. It can be fitted to any bike easily. The clear LCD display provides up to nine statistics including pedalling cadence, current speed and trip distance.

Mavic worked with XEMICS on the RF transmission system for the Win-Tech. The encoded digital transmission is based on low power architecture. This has the benefit of extending the battery life to a minimum of a year. It works without interference to provide accurate statistics. It also guarantees a sealed system, no breakdown and perfect connection between all the linked elements.

The XEMICS' low power RF transceiver functions in the worldwide license free 30 to 70 kHz ISM band. This makes it ideal for these types of applications.

The use of XEMICS RF technology enables the data to be transmitted with optimal reliability. The small form factor of the RF chip ensures the overall size of the Win-Tech can be kept to a minimum. This small size and lightness is important in competitive cycling.

Mavic is well known in the cycling world for their dedication to the sport as well as the quality of their products. In the recent Olympics 80% of cycling track medals had Mavic wheels, with gold medals on road and cross country using Mavic products. The Win-Tech is just another example of their innovation.

About MAVIC®
Mavic is all about a love of cycling which leads to the designing and manufacturing of great products that offer a real difference when you ride them. In order to build great bicycle products you have to know what's happening at the sharp end of cycling. Working with teams and bicycle manufacturers since 1889 gives us high visibility but importantly it gives us the opportunity to fine tune product and to sniff out new trends. Mavic has provided neutral assistance to racers since 1973, including the Tour de France. All of our products go through the same process: From ideas to early prototypes, project group management, design, extensive testing in the field and in the labs. Production or assembly with 100% of wheels finished by hand.

Mavic and Win-Tec are Mavic registered trademarks. Bluetooth is a SIG registered trademark used under license by XEMICS.

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