Synaptics Creates Interface for Olympus m:robe MR-100 HDD Music Player

10/15/2004 - Synaptics Incorporated (NASDAQ: SYNA), a leading developer of interface solutions for mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices, has created a new interface for Olympus' first hard disk drive music player, the m:robe MR-100. The interface solution incorporates an LED ScrollStripTM solution with an array of LightTouchTM capacitive buttons for a compelling and intuitive user experience.

The custom interface solution helped create a distinctive industrial design for the m:robe MR-100. As users move their finger along the ScrollStrip area, integrated LEDs in the center of the scrolling sensor light up, creating unique visual feedback. Likewise, the five LightTouch buttons are also illuminated. The interface solution is based on Synaptics' intelligent capacitive sensing technology, which allows for unique features such as speed adjusted scrolling, where the speed of the scrolling is determined by the speed of the finger on the sensor, and precision scrolling, which allows users to accurately move short distances. This type of intelligent sensing is critical for hard disk drive based digital audio players, which require a quick and easy way to access thousands of songs.

"We worked closely with Olympus to create a novel interface design that would differentiate their device in the growing digital audio player market," explains Clark Foy, Synaptics Vice President of Marketing. "The result is a custom interface that combines functionality with eye-catching design for a truly unique interface experience."

"We worked with Synaptics to develop the interface solution for the m:robe MR-100 to make the user experience intuitive and fun," explains General Manager, CDS R&D Dept. of Olympus, Toshikazu Hayashi. "Through our development with Synaptics, we created a design that is sleek and stylish, and at the same time simple and easy to use."

The Olympus m:robe MR-100 HDD music player is a 5GB HDD music player, which boasts a battery life of approximately 12 hours. The m:robe MR-100 will be available beginning November 26th, 2004 in Japan. For more information, visit the Olympus web site

About Synaptics Incorporated
Synaptics is a leading developer of interface solutions for mobile computing, communications and entertainment devices, with its products found in over 50 percent of today's notebook computers. Synaptics' engineered solutions for device manufacturers include: TouchPadTM the industry standard notebook navigation device; MobileTouchTM, a customizable scrolling, input and navigation solution for mobile handsets; TouchRingTM, a one dimensional scrolling solution for MP3 devices; and QuickStrokeTM a proprietary Chinese handwriting recognition software. More information about Synaptics can be found on the web at

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