Parasoft Releases SOAPtest 3.0 for Automated Web Services Testing

10/15/2004 - Parasoft, a leading provider of automated software error prevention solutions, announced the release of SOAPtest 3.0, an automated Web services testing tool that allows development teams to verify all aspects of a Web service.

SOAPtest 3.0’s enhanced interface allows developers to easily create sophisticated test scenarios. These comprehensive reusable automated tests provide companies with a faster and more accurate way to verify the robustness of their Web Services.

“We chose SOAPtest for its ability to automatically generate test clients which could be used to validate the sophisticated test logic we expose via Web Services. We have been extremely satisfied with SOAPtest's capabilities to adapt to our evolving Web Services API without having to manually update our established test suite of over one hundred test clients,” said Doug Skiba, Director of Software Development, InteliData. “We also successfully incorporated SOAPtest into our nightly automated build process to validate over one thousand individual test cases. This enables us to quickly fix most defects before the application is promoted into our QA Test cycle, which has consequently reduced our overall product release schedules.”

“Companies need their Web Services to perform business critical functions,” said Dave McCaw, SOAPtest Product Manager. “SOAPtest 3.0 increases development productivity by providing companies with a fast and cost effective way to generate the reusable tests. They need to verify the robustness and security of these business critical functions.”

SOAPtest is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

About SOAPtest
SOAPtest is the most comprehensive tool for testing Web services. It allows customers to verify all aspects of a Web service, from WSDL validation, to unit and functional testing of the client and server, to performance testing. SOAPtest addresses key Web service issues including interoperability, security, change management, and scalability. Because of its flexibility, SOAPtest is an ideal choice for development engineers and QA professionals alike, since its unit tests can be leveraged into scenario-based tests, as well as load tests, without any additional scripting or re-inventing of the wheel. By utilizing SOAPtest throughout the software development lifecycle, users can prevent errors, improve quality and reliability, and accelerate the time to market for their Web service initiatives.

About Parasoft
Founded in 1987, Parasoft is a privately held company with over 10,000 clients worldwide, including IBM, HP and Daimler Chrysler. Parasoft solutions enable software development organizations to increase software quality and security while reducing development costs and time-to-market. Parasoft has received multiple patents and awards for its innovative solutions. Parasoft is headquartered in Monrovia, CA. Telephone (888) 305-0041. Fax (626) 305-3036. Email to URL:

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