Bell Microproducts Bundles Phoenix FirstWare Applications

10/15/2004 - Phoenix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ:PTEC) announced that Bell Microproducts, an international, value-added provider of a wide range of high-technology products, solutions, and services to the industrial and commercial markets, has agreed to market and distribute the complete Phoenix Technologies FirstWare family of applications.

Bell Microproducts Canada will immediately begin shipping Phoenix applications including Phoenix Technologies FirstWare Recover ProTM and FirstWare AssistantTM, cME Console PlatformTM and VaultTM for resale to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) customers, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators throughout Canada.

The agreement demonstrates continued momentum for the rapid adoption of Phoenix Technologies OS-independent software products by system builders and the PC enhancement market in North America and around the world. This relationship also provides increased distribution strength in the Canadian market for Phoenix.

Bell Microproducts Canada selected the Phoenix applications because the products provide innovative protection and recovery software applications for mobile workers and businesses that includes built-in security protection for a PC user's critical data and applications.

"By adding the Phoenix FirstWare protection and recovery applications, Bell Microproducts will add diversity to our product lineup as well as deliver additional value to our customer base," said Frank Squizzato, Vice President, Business Development, Bell Microproducts Canada. "The Phoenix FirstWare product family provides us with the opportunity to deliver full software restoration -- including the operating system, applications, user settings and all data files, all without a recovery CD."

About Phoenix FirstWare Applications and cME Console Platform
Phoenix FirstWare applications reduce manufacturing and support costs for OEMs, "white box" manufacturers, system builders, resellers and distributors while providing more user value. This added value is delivered through "instant-on" applications that help diagnose, connect and recover systems without boot disks or recovery CDs if the OS will not boot. These applications include Phoenix FirstWare Recover, Recover Pro, Recover Pro Network, Vault, Connect, and Check. In addition, Phoenix FirstWare Assistant provides instant pre-OS access to Microsoft Outlook email and PIM data, turning a laptop into a PDA.

Viruses, worms and other infections continue to barrage PCs, yet 60 percent of all data still resides on the individual PC as opposed to the network. Additionally, mobile users and small and medium businesses typically don't have access to a dedicated IT staff, and are most susceptible to security breaches and infection.

Phoenix FirstWare Recover Pro is an award-winning application that allows PC and notebook users to restore their PCs to working order quickly and easily in the event of a software virus or malware attack. The FirstWare Recover Pro application is the only pre-operating system mode software bundle on the market that gives PC users protection and recovery from viruses and intrusions. When people use FirstWare Recover Pro, they add the capability to perform regular, automated backups to incremental restore points. Restore points can be set monthly, weekly, daily or hourly. Users can automatically back up their PC operating system, applications, user settings and data files and easily recover them in the event of an attack. There is no need for IT support or training or to connect to the Internet for recovery assistance.

The Phoenix Technologies cME Console Platform 2004 secures and manages a PC's pre-OS software, tools, utilities, and other services. Phoenix cME Console Platform 2004 provides device OEMs and system builders with a tamper resistant, authenticated implementation of a 'protected hidden partition' and easy-to-customize user interface (UI) that can not be over-written by virus or malware attacks, or even by the operating system (OS) itself. The cME Console Platform ensures that features and applications in the pre-OS environment are kept safe from hackers, virus attacks, user errors, and other catastrophes, thus reducing customer service costs.

Phoenix Technologies' cME Console Platform 2004 includes innovative pre-configured functions designed to help system builders and PC OEMs differentiate their product offerings and generate new revenue streams through the support of pre-OS applications, the new must-have capability in an age of continuous virus and malware attacks.

The Phoenix cME Console Platform 2004 is also easily adaptable to meet the high-assurance needs of embedded and government systems markets, using Phoenix tools and programming interfaces. Vertically focused integrators can take advantage of the browser-based environment to pre-integrate software functions that their customers can trial first and then easily purchase through Phoenix's "click-through" license key support model. Among the services built-in to the platform are TCP/IP stack, an application update function and fast boot time.

"Leading PC distributors such as Bell Microproducts require secure software applications that improve the user experience, increase productivity and reduce manufacturing and support costs. With Phoenix FirstWare applications, Bell Microproducts is establishing a stronger, more differentiated market position and can generate new revenue streams," said Michael D. Goldgof, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Corporate Marketing and Products Division for Phoenix Technologies. "Bell Microproducts has a long standing reputation for delivering exceptional products and service to their customers, and Phoenix can help the company continue this approach with our innovative FirstWare applications that provide secure, always-available backup and recovery capabilities."

About Bell Microproducts Canada
Bell Microproducts Canada is a leading Canadian distributor of storage technology, enterprise solutions and computer products. The company has sales offices in 6 major cities across Canada along with warehouse facilities in Vancouver and Toronto. Bell Microproducts Canada continually strives to ensure the success of its customers through its programs, resources and extensive inventory as well as its unrivalled commitment to the Canadian Enterprise Storage marketplace. Bell Microproducts Canada is located at 4118 Fourteenth Avenue, Unit 5, Markham, Ontario L3R 0J3. Telephone: 905-948-9300 or 800-268-8474. Fax: 905-948-9303.

About Bell Microproducts
Bell Microproducts is an international, value-added provider of a wide range of high-technology products, solutions, and services to the industrial and commercial markets. The company's offering includes semiconductors, computer platforms, peripherals, and storage products of various types including desktop, high-end computer and storage subsystems, fibre channel connectivity products, RAID, NAS and SAN storage systems, back-up products, storage management software, and extensive support, integration and installation services. Bell Microproducts is an industry-recognized specialist in storage products and is one of the world's largest storage-centric value-added distributors.

The company's products are available at any level of integration, from components to subsystem assemblies and fully-integrated, tested and certified system solutions. The company adds value with a broad range of services including testing, software loading, kitting, mass storage system integration, and computer system integration. Trained and certified technical personnel complete each of these processes at Bell Microproducts' ISO 9001:2000 facilities. Bell Microproducts markets and distributes more than 125 brand name product lines, as well as its own Rorke Data storage brands, to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract electronic manufacturing services (EMS) customers, value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators in the Americas and Europe. More information can be found in the company's SEC filings, or by visiting the Bell Microproducts Web site at

About Phoenix Technologies
Phoenix Technologies develops a complete product suite of Core System Software, tools and applications to deliver trusted, seamless computing to digital devices for an Internet-connected world. Phoenix Technologies helped launch the PC industry nearly 25 years ago. Today we are extending our leadership and knowledge at the core of machines, beyond the PC to a wide range of platforms and devices.

Phoenix Core System Software has set the standard for the world's leading branded PC OEMs and their global network of supply chain and software partners. Today, Phoenix solutions enable, secure, connect, and recover the world's best-known systems. These solutions are built into the device core, where they are protected from viruses, user errors, hackers, and corruption. Phoenix is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. (Silicon Valley), with offices in global business and technology centers. For more information, visit

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