Tao Group Joins OMTP Group

10/8/2004 - Tao Group announces that it has recently joined OMTP, a mobile industry group focused on open mobile terminal platforms. Tao recently joined the OMTP group as an Advisor to participate in its activities.

The OMTP group was founded in June 2004 by mmO2, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, SMART Communications, Telefónica Móviles, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), T-Mobile and Vodafone and has been joined by fifteen other key industry entities, including Tao. The OMTP group aims to establish an open framework for mobile device manufacturers and associated software and hardware suppliers to develop Open Mobile Terminal Platforms.

Tao looks forward to working with, and supporting the efforts of, the OMTP group.

Tao has developed intent®, a functionally rich multimedia platform now used by many of the world’s leading mobile networks, OEMs and ODMs in their digital client products for mobile and home networks. intent allows them to provide music, gaming and Java services enabled by Tao’s industry-leading spot solutions, or they can deliver a single content and software infrastructure strategy across all of their platforms, irrespective of operating system, hardware and function. intent, with more than 10 million licensed sales to date, is now being used in products including mobile phones, PDAs, cameras, home servers and digital television. The Company is headquartered in Reading, England with offices in Dallas, Tx. and Yokosuka, Japan. It has agents in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo and Yokohama. Tao's financial investors include Cross Atlantic Capital Partners, which has offices in Philadelphia, Dublin and Edinburgh. Technology corporations that have invested into Tao include NEC, Sony, Motorola, Sharp and Kyocera. Tao has a growing and high value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth. intent is the ratified platform of choice for the Japanese-based Open Contents Platform Association (OCPA).

The OMTP group was formed on 23rd June 2004 and aims to define those platform requirements necessary for mobile devices to deliver openly available standardised application interfaces that will provide customers with a more consistent and improved user experience across different devices, whilst also enabling individual operators and manufacturers to customise and differentiate their offering. The OMTP group intends to achieve its goals by identifying common mobile operator’ requirements, with the aim of establishing an open framework for mobile device manufacturers and associated software and hardware suppliers to develop open mobile terminal platform compliant products. The OMTP group aims to use existing standards, where they exist, and to further encourage the development of standards by presenting OMTP requirements.

As a technology neutral organisation, all technology vendors will be free to contribute to and support OMTP requirements and to provide OMTP compliant products. The OMTP group is an open association, with membership or participation available to organisations wanting to adopt OMTP requirements, to assist the process of achieving the OMTP group’s goals or simply to follow the latest efforts and results of the OMTP group.

Membership is open to mobile operators, whereas participation as a sponsor, advisor or associate, is open to any entity. Members, sponsors and advisors are eligible to be actively involved in projects formed by OMTP; associates receive information on ongoing activities.

The founding members of this group were mmO2, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, SMART Communications, Telefónica Móviles, TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile), T-Mobile and Vodafone.The OMTP group has initiated five projects, as follows:

  1. Platform Definition and Realisation
    Define target features and performance for OMTP overall requirements (Release 1)
  2. Specification of a Java Core Software Platform
    Define a complete Java API for mobile devices based on Java technology standards targeting phones in 2006
  3. Technology Agnostic Core Software Platform
    Specify requirements of OMTP core software platform independent of any underlying technology
  4. Hardware Requirements and Defragmentation
    Identify key hardware elements and related characteristics/ performance indicators
  5. Specification of a User Experience Platform
    Identify common elements and requirements within UE layer

Mobile operators, mobile device manufacturers, software and hardware suppliers interested in participating in the OMTP group can find more information on the OMTP group’s website: www.omtp.org

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