Kabira Introduces Infrastructure System 5.0 and Transaction Switch 2.0

10/7/2004 - Kabira(TM) Technologies Inc., the high-performance leader in network switching software for telecommunications and real-time financial services, unveiled the Kabira Infrastructure System 5.0, a 64-bit version of Kabira's foundational infrastructure product line, and the Kabira Transaction Switch 2.0, a real-time configurable switch for the network. Already working at some of the world's most transaction-intensive customers such as Visa, these new products are available on the Sun Solaris and HP-UX platforms and will be available for worldwide general release in November 2004.

"Since its inception, Kabira's mission has focused on delivering a resilient infrastructure for building and integrating next-generation, future-ready services in highly demanding network environments," said Paul Sutton, President and CEO of Kabira Technologies. "Unlike traditional market offerings, Kabira is the only single-source provider of high-speed switching software which can enable customers to rapidly bring real-time services to market, while sustaining constant business growth."

Industry-First Switching Infrastructure Software Turns On Real-Time Services
The Kabira Infrastructure System 5.0 provides memory resident data management, event driven asynchronous processing and transaction monitoring in a single run-time environment -- eliminating legacy applications from the path of mission-critical operations. The Kabira Infrastructure System is a unique and proven platform to process tens of thousands transactions per second reliably in a distributed network fabric. Its new 64-bit architecture allows real-time applications to transactionally access and manage all data in shared memory, obviating inefficient process switches and disk I/O for data based operations. The Kabira Infrastructure System can reduce transaction latencies by factors of 100 and greater compared to traditional software infrastructure such as application servers, middleware, transaction monitors and databases. With the expanded 64-bit architecture, customers now benefit from enhanced price/performance and higher ROI through a unified real-time transaction processing system, without having to rely on redundant and costly legacy components.

Also announced is the Kabira Transaction Switch 2.0, a fully configurable network flow framework for real-time network integration, messaging and applications. The Kabira Transaction Switch significantly increases the productivity of senior IT staff, allowing configuration driven deployment of application, messaging, and connectivity solutions. Kabira customers and their services partners can now modify and configure real-time applications on the fly without bringing mission-critical systems down. Kabira Transaction Switch applications, with flows specifying data, connectivity and behavior, may be custom-configured or packaged for specific vertical applications. Examples of vertical packages include mediation and charging for Telecommunications, and payments gateways and fraud management systems for Financial Services.

"Visa has a history of building highly reliable, secure and innovative payment solutions," said Sara Garrison, Senior Vice President at Inovant, Visa's IT organization responsible for the global payment network. "As our transactions volume continues to grow, we will look for technologies that will seamlessly integrate with our existing systems, optimize operational efficiencies, and deliver high speed, reliability and scalability. Kabira's zero-latency network switching technology fits that criteria, and has become a key component of Visa Direct Exchange, Visa USA's payment access solution."

About Kabira Infrastructure System (KIS)
KIS combines the "data" elements of a database, the "logic" of application servers, the "transport messaging" function of EAI middleware buses, and the "transaction processing" of TP monitors and session handlers into a single multi-functional, high-speed run-time environment. Since this combined transaction runs as a single multi-threaded process, Kabira is able to achieve real-time computing to support network-based applications.

About Kabira Technologies Inc.
High Volume Transaction Leadership: Kabira offers the World's Fastest Switching Software for Real-Time Services. Our customers require unique speed, scalability, transactionality and business model flexibility for their mission-critical systems. Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Kabira has been installed and widely adopted by over 70 leaders in telecommunications, financial services and government sectors in more than 30 countries. Kabira's Model Driven Architecture combined with rigorous development processes reduces risk, time-to-market and on-going support costs by up to 80%. Global partners include Accenture, Capgemini, EDS, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, LogicaCMG, Mitsui, Motorola, Nokia, Sun, Unisys and Visa. http://www.kabira.com

Kabira, Kabira Infrastructure System and Kabira Transaction Switch are trademarks of Kabira Technologies Inc.

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