CEVA Rolls Out Mobile-Media with Patented MediaMagic Technology

10/6/2004 - CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA; LSE: CVA), the leading licensor of digital signal processors (DSP) cores and communications solutions to the semiconductor industry, introduced the CEVA Mobile-MediaTM solution - the first and only truly software-programmable audio, video and image platform that supports all key standards for mobile multimedia applications including H.264 encoding/decoding at VGA resolution, 30 frames per second.

CEVA Mobile-Media is a complete silicon-proven solution, delivered in one licensable package that cuts up to 18 months in development time and millions of dollars for chip vendors and OEM suppliers. The solution integrates CEVA's DSPs (CEVA-TeakTM or CEVA-XTM), the associated DSP system platforms, a media software framework and a complete suite of video (H.264 and MPEG4, decode/encode), audio (MP3, WMA, aacPlus and various voice codes) and imaging libraries. Mobile-Media is accompanied by a Software Development Kit (SDK) allowing customers to extend the package with other features such as 2.5G/3G modems, Wi-Fi, GPS and BT. Programmable for a wide range of multimedia standards, resolutions and frame rates, CEVA Mobile-Media allows licensees to retarget a single silicon platform for any multimedia processing requirements, thus negating the need for costly, time-consuming silicon re-spins.

"CEVA's licensable Mobile-Media package, incorporating MediaMagic technology, provides a matched set of cores and software for the rapid deployment of portable multimedia devices," said Max Baron, principal analyst at In-Stat/MDR. "Anticipating market demand, CEVA is delivering a programmable approach that lets manufacturers of portable devices such as cell phones and multimedia players respond faster than ever to evolving consumer requirements."

Patented MediaMagicTM Technology: Reduces Power and Boosts Performance
CEVA Mobile-Media is powered by the revolutionary MediaMagic technology; a range of CEVA patented innovations that radically reduce the computational power needed to run multimedia applications. MediaMagic includes algorithmic accelerators that use pattern recognition techniques, more than 30 dedicated multimedia DSP instructions, and a high performance 3-D DMA co-processor designed for multimedia parallel processing.

MediaMagic is the industry's first media acceleration technology that achieves performance levels in software previously available only in a hardwired implementation. For example, the CEVA Mobile-Media solution enables H.264 decoding at VGA resolution with 30 fps (frames per second), requiring just 61MHz and 44mW, including audio processing.

"The convergence of wireless and multimedia will create a market of tremendous growth and opportunity. Having already achieved our first strategic design win, we believe the launch of CEVA Mobile-Media will be a strong driver of CEVA growth through 2005," said Chet Silvestri, CEO of CEVA. "CEVA's Mobile-Media offering - with its performance breakthroughs in a software programmable solution - underlines our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our customers that will let them prosper in the electronics industry's highest-growth markets."

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