Imperx and Kontron Team for Industrial Image Processing Platform

10/5/2004 - Kontron AG, with market-leading embedded computer technology, and Florida-based Imperx, market leader in mobile imaging and Kontron's certified JFLEX partner, have come out with a new proven platform for the imaging industries. Based on Kontron's 3.5" CPU board JRex-PM with an Intel® Pentium® M processor and the Imperx FrameLink-JFLEX card, this ready-to-use bundle can be installed by providers of image analysis solutions as well as OEMs and systems integrators in machines and systems. A closed solution including box will be available in the future. The extremely robust and reliable bundle is currently being used in US Navy Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. By launching the embedded bundle, the two companies hope to expand beyond the military market.

According to the two companies, this new bundle is ideal for use in industrial applications in the fields of QA, production automation, materials flow control and machine control. Applications in the security sector for vehicle recognition, human recognition, tunnel monitoring and optical navigation systems are only a few of the many potential uses for this bundle. Both components are currently available from their respective manufacturers or local distributors. Imperx additionally offers full support with the purchase of Imperx CCD cameras.

Frame grabber
The high-speed FrameLink-JFLEX card from Imperx can be plugged and played on the JRex-PM CPU board from Kontron and is compatible with Digital Camera LinkTM. Apart from transfer of image data, all communication with the corresponding megapixel cameras is done via Digital Camera Link. FrameLink software includes a configuration utility, real-time image viewer and playback viewer. The configuration utility allows you to configure the FrameLink to operate with any Camera Link compliant camera. FrameLink-JFLEX's outstanding performance can be attributed to 256 MB of on-board memory, flow-through with scatter/gather DMA technology, a communication speed of up to 66 MHz and low-loss compression technology developed by Imperx. Up to two cameras can be physically connected via CameraLink interfaces which include bi-directional serial interfaces for camera configuration. Drivers and user-friendly software development kits are available for Windows 2000 and XP. All Imperx cameras are highly configurable via an easy to use Camera Configuration GUI. The software allows for easy adjustment of all relevant parameters, including Area of Interest, horizontal and vertical binning, shutter speed (1/40,000 s to over 10 s), long integration ( up to 10 seconds ), two-channel gain/offset, external triggering, gamma correction and noise correction.

In principle, all of the available Digital Camera Link-compatible solutions are possible choices. Imperx IPX Series cameras are well-suited for high-speed image processing systems: For VGA resolution, the IPX-VGA210 camera achieves 210 frames/s. Window technology enables the frame rate to be increased to 1,600 frames/s for a resolution of 228 x 164 pixels. The CCD sensors implemented by Kodak are also interesting. With them, cameras meet the well-known quality requirements of CCD chips, i.e., low noise and excellent dynamic range.

3.5" JRex CPU board
Kontron's 3.5" CPU board is equipped with a Pentium® M processor, part of Intel® CentrinoTM mobile technology, making it the fastest single-board computer of its class with a relatively low power consumption. The 1.6GHz Pentium® M processor has a 2.7GHz Pentium® 4 performance with a 1.2GHz Pentium® III power consumption (18-25 W). The JRex-PM single-board computer, with easily controllable heat dissipation and excellent EMC values, has thereby reached a new level of performance for embedded systems. In addition, JRex-PM offers the Intel® 855GM chipset, a 400MHz front-side bus, the fastest IDE via UDMA/100 and USB 2.0. With the DDR-RAM-DIMM socket with ECC support for up to 1 GB, standard desktop memory modules can be used. Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 has up to 32 MB of Video RAM (UMA) and DVO, LVDS and CRT support, besides other features. The JILI interface simplifies connection of different types of displays: JILI automatically recognizes the connected display and sets the required video parameters. All JRexes are delivered as "plug and work" boards to enable the crucial time to market to be shortened even further.

The JRex-PM 3.5" board with 1.1GHz or 1.6GHz Intel® Pentium® M CPU has the same interfaces in the same physical location as all other JRex boards have now and will have in the future: 2 x USB, LAN, CompactFlash, keyboard/mouse, VGA and COM1. This enables systems integrators and OEMs - for the first time ever - to develop scalable systems without having to modify housings or connectors.

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