SofTec Debuts AK-S12NE64-A Starter Kit for Freescale MC9S12NE64

10/4/2004 - SofTec Microsystems unveils the AK-S12NE64-A Starter Kit, an integrated system designed to provide the user with a complete, ready-to-use embedded Ethernet application. The Starter Kit is built around the Freescale MC9S12NE64 microcontroller, which has a built-in, dedicated Ethernet peripheral. The Starter Kit demonstrates how effectively the MC9S12NE family of microcontrollers can be used in real-world embedded Ethernet applications.

The Starter Kit is composed of:

The Starter Kit can be used in two ways:

The Starter Kit features a 112-pin LQFP MC9S12NE64 microcontroller, 10/100 BaseT integrated RJ45 Ethernet connector, 25 MHz crystal oscillator, 8 Mbit (1 MByte x 8) serial FLASH memory, 4 Kbit (512 Bytes x 8) serial EEPROM, BDM connector for in-circuit debugging, header connectors with all microcontroller signals, RS-232 connector with transceiver, eight user LEDs, LAN status LEDs, piezoelectric speaker, NTC temperature sensor, 12 V DC motor with MC33887 H-bridge driver, one potentiometer for analog input, four push-buttons and eight DIP-switches, reset supervisor circuitry with push-button and a prototype area.

The AK-S12NE64-A Starter Kit will be available to order soon at an end-user price of $449.

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