Senforce Portable Firewall Plus Offers Advanced Hacker Protection

10/4/2004 - Senforce TechnologiesTM Inc., the leader in location-aware enterprise endpoint security, announced the release of Senforce Portable Firewall Plus (SPF+). Designed to provide the ultimate hacker protection for small and medium-sized businesses, SPF+ also successfully stops the widest range of security threats, such as denial of service (DoS) attacks, buffer overflows and more. In addition, to maintain business productivity, SPF+ provides powerful security for mobile and wireless clients. As users move from location to location, computing devices are automatically shielded from port scans and sniffers, and protected against risks such as those that can be caused by downloading data to small removable storage devices.

“My business depends upon constant Internet access and network uptime, so we’ve had multiple layers of security installed, including anti-virus, application layer firewalls on all desktops and laptops, and a VPN,” said Joanne Ireland, president, Ireland Presentations. “However, even with all that protection in place, our firm has been hit multiple times over the last couple of years by protocol-level attacks, which has sorely affected our business efficiency. Now, with SPF+, my mobile workforce doesn’t have to worry about security—we are protected no matter where we go, and it prevents the type of attacks that continue to plague other small business.”

The wireless security measures built in to SPF+ manage risk by assuring that users only connect to known and accepted wireless LANs, enforcing security policies tailored to wireless hotspots, and preventing employees from inadvertently allowing outsiders to enter your network undetected. SPF+ as well as the Senforce enterprise solution, Enterprise Mobile Security Manager 2.5 (EMSM 2.5), features the following powerful Senforce core technologies:

The Problem: What’s wrong with other Firewalls?
Other personal firewalls run at the application layer and therefore are unable to block all the types of attacks that plague businesses. They do not provide wireless connectivity management or storage device control. They use up significant processing cycles, slowing system performance. And they often check virus definition files for updates only when a system reconnects to their network, which is too late; by then, blended threats like the Sasser worm may have already compromised the system. Also, because other products were built for consumers and not for business, they ask the users to make security decisions, often resulting in the user disabling the product altogether with the resultant vulnerability for any size organization.

“The current approach of securing at the application layer is leaving users and businesses vulnerable to security breaches and the loss of countless hours and dollars,” said Tanya Candia, vice president, Senforce. “This can have an enormous and potentially devastating impact on smaller businesses.” She continued, “With SPF+, customers can effectively counter new threats while getting the added benefits of wireless connectivity control, intellectual property protection, business continuity and improved productivity.”

Ireland said: “SPF+ is a more strategic and intelligent approach for us in mitigating the risks brought about by increasingly sophisticated digital threats.”

Pricing and Availability
SPF+ is available at an introductory price of $39.99. It is sold in packs of 5, 10, 25 or 50, with quantity discounts. SPF+ is primarily targeted to small businesses and medium-sized organizations.

More about SPF+

Senforce is the leader in mobile security management, with intelligent software that automates security policy enforcement on all mobile computing clients. Its flagship offering, Senforce EMSMTM, ensures central administration and control, so regardless of a user’s location or method of accessing the Internet, they are protected against exposure and risk caused by intrusion, unauthorized access, loss, theft, malware/viruses, unauthorized downloads or software removal, altered security or configurations settings, and more. Powerful and proprietary core technologies ensure a higher level of security and management than available previously. Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA, and Draper, Utah, with office locations around the US, Senforce is privately-held and funded by Thomas Weisel Venture Partners, vSpring Capital, Rocket Ventures, American River Ventures and EsNet Group. The company serves customers primarily in the government, corporate, financial and healthcare sectors. For more information, visit or call 1-877-844-5430.

*Senforce Technologies, Senforce Portable Firewall Plus, Senforce SPF+, Senforce, Senforce Enterprise Mobile Security Manager, and Senforce EMSM are trademarks of Senforce Technologies, Inc.

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