I-Logix Rhapsody UML Development Tool Supports SPARK Ada Applications

10/4/2004 - Embedded systems and software solutions provider I-Logix and leading SPARK analysis tool developer Praxis Critical Systems, announced a new capability to I-Logix’ UML Model-Driven Development (MDD) product, Rhapsody that facilitates the development of fully SPARK compliant Ada applications. A joint development effort between I-Logix and Praxis Critical Systems now enables the generation of SPARK Ada code directly from UML models. This capability is especially valuable for safety critical and other high integrity applications, where SPARK Ada is the language of choice.

SPARK Ada is a language specifically designed to support the development of software used in high integrity applications. As an annotated and semantically rigorous subset of Ada, SPARK exploits the strengths of Ada while eliminating potential ambiguities. These properties, which include rigorous definition, simple semantics, security, expressive power, verifiability and bounded resource requirements, allow SPARK, in both its '83 and '95 variants, to meet all the requirements for software used in critical systems as well as facilitating exceptionally deep and efficient forms of analysis.

With this integration, Rhapsody users are now able to introduce and fully integrate safety critical elements very early on into their design process. Pre- and post- conditions can now be captured as part of a UML design, further augmented to reference proof functions that are tested through the SPARK Examiner. In effect, designers can “think SPARK” while simultaneously taking advantage of the benefits that UML Model-Driven Development (MDD) provide.

Following are the key components of the integration between Rhapsody in Ada and the SPARK Examiner:

“We are very pleased to see the comprehensive capability offered by Rhapsody in Ada extended to support the SPARK language. The editable rules feature provides for a well-integrated UML environment where designers can leverage the process benefits offered by SPARK Ada very early on in the development process,” said Rod Chapman, SPARK Product Manager of Praxis Critical Systems. “Additionally, the generated code can be easily and iteratively analyzed through the SPARK Examiner. The result is a powerful integration of SPARK and UML, generating SPARK compliant code from UML models that is readable, testable and deployable. This combination of individually leading technologies provides much more than the sum of its parts.”

“We are very excited about extending our UML based design environment to the SPARK Ada community,” said Neeraj Chandra, I-Logix Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development. “Designers using SPARK Ada are now able to leverage powerful capabilities such as visual modelling with UML 2.0, visual execution and debugging, both on host and target, and flexible, rules based automatic application generation. This new capability allows users to design even larger systems at a reduced cost and higher quality. Combining the benefits of UML with Praxis Critical Systems’ excellent SPARK analysis tools lead to a significantly higher level of reliability, safety and security as well.”

About Rhapsody
I-Logix Rhapsody is an award-winning, UML-compliant, systems design, application development, and collaboration platform. Rhapsody is used by design and development teams to deliver real-time embedded applications in C, C++, Java, and Ada. Rhapsody uniquely combines a graphical UML programming paradigm with advanced systems design and analysis capabilities and seamlessly links with the target implementation language, resulting in a complete model-driven development environment, from requirements capture through analysis, design, implementation, and test. Operating on either an engineering workstation or PC, Rhapsody has the ability to "execute" graphical models and debug behaviour at the design level, both at the host as well as the target, produce test vectors and generate production-quality code within a single development environment. Using Rhapsody, developers can maintain applications at the code level through graphical models. If changes are made to the model, the application code changes as well to correspond to the modifications; if the code is altered, the models are dynamically updated. The dynamic, bi-directional link between the code and the design documentation ensures that Rhapsody is ideally suited for all members of the design team. Rhapsody also incorporates automatic test generation and web-based model debugging to enable design for testability. Leveraging these innovative techniques via an intuitive user interface, Rhapsody dramatically boosts productivity and dramatically improves team collaboration, quality, and re-use leading to significantly compressed development cycles.

About Praxis
Praxis Critical Systems has developed a global reputation in the fields of systems and requirements engineering, software development, safety assurance, information security and risk management and works with some of the leading aerospace companies and other organisations including; Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, ALSTOM Transport, Westinghouse Rail Systems, The Civil Aviation Authority, The Federal Aviation Administration and National Air Traffic Services. The Company’s roots are in the application of sound engineering principles to the development of high-integrity software systems whether safety-, business- or security-critical. Its unique tools and products have evolved from practical experience in the most effective approaches to developing such systems. The Company has now diversified into several new markets including financial services, telecommunications, utilities and automotive. For more information, please visit www.praxis-cs.co.uk.

About I-Logix
Founded in 1987, I-Logix is a leading provider of Model-Driven Development (MDD) solutions for systems design through software development focused on real-time embedded applications. These solutions allow engineers to graphically model the behaviour and functionality of their embedded systems, analyze and validate the system, and automatically generate production quality code in a variety of languages. I-Logix also offers iNotion®, a product lifecycle management portal designed for software; coupling product development, quality assurance, marketing and the customer by providing instant, controllable, web-based access to development artifacts and product management services 24/7 worldwide. For more information, please visit our website www.ilogix.com.

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