Birdstep and Orsus to Optimize Traffic for Mobile Networks

10/1/2004 - Birdstep Technology is proud to partner with Orsus to provide a solution that increases the effectiveness of mobile workers. Remote and mobile access today is still characterized by low bandwidth, high latency, and frequent disconnections of wireless networks. Using the unique combination of seamless mobility and optimization technologies, Birdstep and Orsus are able to deliver dramatic performance improvements that provide remote workers with secure, continuous and fast, LAN-like access to a wide variety of corporate data resources.

The Orsus Speedwise application accelerates the delivery of data services to mobile users operating over wireless networks or dialup connections, thereby reducing bandwidth utilization and data transmission costs. The integration of Speedwise with Birdstep’s Intelligent Mobile IP offers the experience of always connected regardless of the network, the security mechanisms required, or the applications been used. When an assignment must be completed, the corporate user on the move should not need to worry about how to access the required data, just the job to be done. The mobility solution provides improved speed and reliability in a heterogeneous network environment, providing mobile workers with seamless, fast, cost-effective, and secure access to mission critical data.

The combined solution of Orsus Speedwise and Birdsteps Mobile IP Client is part of Ericsson Mobile Corporate Access (EMCA), a solution by Ericsson that provides mobile workers with seamless, secure and optimized access to the corporate intranet, whichever type of access network is being used.

“The combination of Orsus and Birdstep technologies provides a strong solution for seamless communication across both broadband networks and cellular networks with limited bandwidth. Our focus is to be the technology market leaders in seamless mobility. This partnership adds an element that is paramount to provide a good user experience while seamlessly moving from one type of network to the next”, said Walter Huehn, VP and Global Director Mobile IP at Birdstep.

“We are delighted to be entering into partnership with Birdstep” said Ben Reich, Chief Operating Officer, Orsus Solutions. “The unique combination of our technologies will provide, mobile professionals with an unmatched user experience while roaming between networks.”

The Birdstep Mobile IP Client
Birdstep Intelligent Mobile IP Client supports secure and continuous connectivity between WLAN Zones (also known as guest zones or hotspots) and GSM/GPRS/UMTS/CDMA networks. This market leading client allows users to seamlessly connect and re-connect across different types of infrastructures without application downtime, security degradation or user intervention. The client also mobilizes security components based both IPSec (Checkpoint, Cisco, Nortel Contivity, Microsoft, NetScreen) and SSL VPN solutions as well as thin clients solutions such as Citrix without interruption. Recognizing the need for security in certain networks, the client triggers the security mechanisms and moves the traffic inside the existing security framework. When the user moves back to a secure environment, the client makes sure that the traffic continues to flow seamlessly, but this time without the security elements active. Such feature, which is patented by Birdstep, gives complete hassle-free mobility without requiring the user to do something except continue doing work as usual.

About Birdstep Technology
Birdstep Technology is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) under ticker ’BIRD’. The company has headquarters in Oslo and Seattle in addition to offices in Boston, Frankfurt, London, San Francisco and Shanghai. Birdstep’s small footprint, high performance database technologies combined with its wireless roaming and access software enables companies to build innovative solutions for embedded systems and the Mobile Internet. Birdstep makes your information accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device and on any infrastructure. Birdstep’s global customers include 3Com (COMS), VERITAS (VRTS), Harman Becker Automotive Systems, HP (HPQ), Accenture (ACN), Telenor (TELN), PCTel (PCTI), Connect One and the National Stock Exchange of India. For more information, visit

About Orsus Solutions
Orsus is a leading provider of software products that enable companies to mobilize their business processes and empower their mobile workforce to perform productively-anytime, anywhere. Orsus provides customizable field service, field sales, and public safety mobile solutions, powered by the Orsus Mobile Framework. The Speedwise product family accelerates delivery of data services to mobile workers operating over wireless networks or dialup connections. Orsus is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with offices in the United Kingdom and Israel. For more information, visit the company web site at

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