Fujitsu Tailors PRIMERGY BX300 Blade Server for Data Centers, ISPs

1/30/2004 - Fujitsu Siemens Computers’ Intel-based PRIMERGY BX300 blade server is now available with a new high-speed processor. Each chassis on the server accommodates up to 20 PRIMERGY BX300 server blades, now featuring the new Intel® Pentium® M processor and up to 4 GB of ECC-protected DDR SDRAM memory. This takes the PRIMERGY BX300 into a new performance dimension, while permitting complex and performance-intensive applications such as extensive terminal server installations or a large number of web servers – all with the added bonus of lower costs per server blade and reduced space requirements in the rack.

The new blade server delivering processing power in the PRIMERGY BX300 also provides an optional PCI slot for Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel connections. This means the BX300 can achieve even higher throughput, making it suitable for integration into corporate networks or providing additional functionality in network-attached storage (NAS) infrastructures. This aspect is often vital for Internet service providers and application providers when deploying blade servers.

The high overall performance of the blade server together with its comparatively low heat dissipation is only made possible through the use of components and low-voltage processors borrowed from laptop technology. Compared to earlier generations of the low-voltage Pentium III processor family, the Pentium M – supported by a doubling of installable main memory to 4 GB – delivers a hefty boost in productivity. The combination of the Pentium M’s enlarged second-level cache and high clock speed of up to 1.6 GHz leads to an up to 25 percent hike in output over existing dual-server blades when deployed, for example, as a web server with Internet Information Server 6.0 under Windows Server 2003 Web Edition.

The BX300 chassis features redundant and hot-plug power supplies and fans as well as an integrated keyboard/video/mouse switch to allow direct access to each individual server blade. Autonomous blade servers fitted with the new processor and its power-saving technology deliver increased processing and computing performance, while a stable, high-performance LAN connection for the PRIMERGY server blades is ensured by the redundant hot-plug Gigabit Ethernet switch blades. Meanwhile, the management blades, similarly redundant and hot pluggable, enable remote administration over a LAN or serial connection via a single dedicated interface – regardless of the system status. A deployment software solution offering a host of options for simple and effective software distribution to the individual blades, as well as the cloning of existing installations, is also available. In the rack, status information and location are indicated by LEDs both in the chassis and on the PRIMERGY blade servers.

The PRIMERGY BX300 is a highly scalable, 3U-high 19-inch rack server with a modular infrastructure for housing up to 20 ultracompact server units (server blades). These not only provide extraordinary computing performance per unit of rack space, but also greatly reduced power consumption relative to conventional servers on account of the special board technology. In addition, PRIMERGY server management solutions simplify blade server installation, administration and monitoring.

Technical highlights:

Fujitsu Siemens Computers recorded a significant rise in Intel-based server sales volume in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region over the past year. According to provisional figures from market researchers at IDC, Europe’s leading computer company achieved 28 percent year-on-year growth in 2003, outperforming the market, which grew by only 20 percent. (IDC, 01/2004)

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