SofTec Debuts ISP Gang Programmer for ST7 FLASH Devices

1/30/2004 - SofTec Microsystems announces MP-ISP/ST7, a new In-Circuit Gang Programming System specific for STMicroelectronics ST7 FLASH devices, able to in-circuit program up to eight devices simultaneously. The MP-ISP/ST7 system features a universal Gang Programmer Base Unit and eight ISP "programming heads"--small, specialized printed circuit boards each featuring a 10-way header connector with all the necessary ISP signals required to in-circuit program the target systems.

MP-ISP/ST7 is a PC-hosted system: it communicates with the host PC through the LPT parallel port. Blank checking, reading, erasing, programming and verifying operations on program memory, data memory and Option Bytes are supported. MP-ISP/ST7 is ready to support future devices: the upgrade operation for the support of new devices is as simple as downloading new releases of the PC software.

The Gang Programmer Base Unit was originally developed by SofTec Microsystems to provide its customers with a viable solution for device programming needs related to small and medium productions. The Base Unit also accepts all of the programming heads developed by SofTec Microsystems for traditional socket programming.

The MP-ISP/ST7 system comes with the programmerís base unit, eight ISP programming heads, eight ISP flat cables, parallel cable, power adapter and the user interface software.

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