XEMICS Makes Bulky Bluetooth Solutions Disappear

1/30/2004 - XEMICS' new two-chip BluetoothTM solution, using the recent Skyworks' 1.2 compatible radio, sees overall PCB surface required shrink to less than 49mm2. This means that the very cost attractive two-chip solution is even smaller than the "single chip solutions" available. The XE1401 is the first member of the EasyBlueTM family and is tailored for battery powered applications requiring both SCO and ACL connection types. Clear and simple to use EasyBlue tools and a starter kit exist for first time Bluetooth developers.

The ROM based XE1401 ensures the lowest power consumption on the market. This can be achieved using any supply ranging from 1.8V up to 3.6V, which enables applications to take advantage of the wide choice of low cost batteries available. To optimize the system's power budget, an on chip level shifter can be used to evenly mix different supply voltages inside one system.

The XE1401 device is a stand-alone Bluetooth baseband protocol-on-chip solution providing full Bluetooth functionality from the radio interface up to the Host Controller Interface (HCI). This ultra low power "add-on" Bluetooth baseband device targets all battery powered applications with an already existing 8, 16 or 32bit host controller.

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