Magma Highlights Synthesis, Power & Noise Management, Modeling at DATE

1/30/2004 - Magma® Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design solutions, announced that its activities at the Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference, February 16-20 in Paris, will include demonstrations of the predictable synthesis capabilities in its Blast CreateTM product and the power and signal integrity management of Blast RailTM and Blast Noise®. In addition, Magma's Patrick Groeneveld will be participating in a panel entitled: "How can system level design solve the interconnect technology scaling problem?"

The Silicon Correlation Division of Magma will feature a demonstration of how to generate the models needed to address timing, power and signal integrity throughout the design process using the SiliconSmartTM technology. Magma's Silicon Correlation Division is also presenting a paper entitled: “Qualification and Integration of Complex I/Os in SoC Design Flows.”

Demonstrations of Magma's software will include:

“The End of Synthesis As You Know It. Predictable RTL.” Blast Create offers an integrated RTL-to-placed-gates flow that eliminates the wasted optimizations between logic synthesis, physical synthesis and physical layout. This new front-end technology leverages Magma's unique gain-based synthesis, FixedTiming® methodology and unified data model, and includes RTL synthesis, physical synthesis, DFT, power optimization and static timing analysis. This demo will show how this approach provides early predictability for timing closure, helps improve RTL and constraints, and provides faster runtime, higher capacity and lower power for challenging designs.

“Magma's Hierarchical Design and Virtual Prototyping System.” This demonstration focuses on an accurate, early virtual prototyping system that drives the hierarchical chip implementation of system-on-chip (SoC) designs. This demo shows how to manage the complexity of today's DSM designs and how to assemble these components into an SoC using Magma's Blast Plan ProTM and Blast FusionTM prototyping, planning and IC implementation technology.

“Advanced IC Implementation system with fully integrated Signal Integrity and Power Integrity capabilities.” T his demo shows how Blast Fusion, Blast Noise and Blast Rail work concurrently throughout the IC implementation flow to achieve timing closure while addressing signal and power integrity issues.

Magma's Silicon Correlation Division will demonstrate:

For more information and to register online for the software demonstrations, visit Magma's website at:

About Magma
Magma provides leading software for designing highly complex integrated circuits while maximizing Quality of Results with respect to area, timing and power, and at the same time reducing overall design cycles and costs. Magma provides a complete RTL-to-GDSII design flow that includes prototyping, synthesis, place & route, and signal and power integrity chip design capabilities in a single executable, offering “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon”TM. Magma's software also includes products for advanced physical synthesis and architecture development tools for programmable logic devices (PLDs); capacitance extraction; and characterization and modeling. The company's stock trades on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol LAVA. Visit Magma Design Automation on the Web at

About the Silicon Correlation Division
The Silicon Correlation Division is an independent business unit and division of Magma Design Automation. Maintaining a position of neutrality in the market place, the division's mission and business model are based on providing characterization and modeling solutions that support a variety of industry standard design flows. Toward that objective, the Silicon Correlation Division has developed partnerships and close working relationships with many EDA vendors and customers in the development and support of popular design flows. To tailor support for all partners, the Silicon Correlation Division maintains an independent sales, support, engineering, and marketing force operating from headquarters in Austin, Texas. Visit the Silicon Correlation Division on the Web at

Magma, Blast Fusion, Blast Noise and FixedTiming are registered trademarks and Blast Create, Blast lan, Blast Rail, SiliconSmart and “The Fastest Path from RTL to Silicon” are trademarks of Magma Design Automation Inc.

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