Bustronic Introduces 14-slot cPCI Backplane with Several Features

1/29/2004 - Bustronic Corporation, an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high performance backplanes, has announced a new 14-slot CompactPCI backplane with several design features.

The CompactPCI bus is limited to 8-slots at 33 Mhz speeds without bridging. To offer more slots, the new 14-slot cPCI backplane has been designed with two bridgeable, 7-slot segments. Bustronic's bridge is simply plugged onto the rear of the P1 and P2 slots 5 and 8, to connect the segments electrically. The 14-slot cPCI backplane also features three 47-pin PICMG 2.11-compliant power supply connectors for optional N+1 redundant operation (six optional for 3U power supplies). The backplane has headers for IPMB (Intelligent Platform Management Bus) and SMB (System Management Bus) signaling for system management. There are also six fast-on blades for +5V,+12V, -12V, and GND.

All Bustronic backplanes are designed to maximize performance, minimize noise, and give the customer the most reliable, cost-effective products possible. To achieve superior performance, we constructed the board for the 14-slot in ten layers: five signal layers, three power, and two ground planes. A controlled-impedance stripline design was incorporated, with distributed high and low frequency decoupling capacitors, and 2 oz. power and ground planes to minimize noise. Bustronic bridges can be purchased with the backplanes or separately. An H.110 version of the 14-slot cPCI backplane for Computer Telephony will be available shortly. Bustronic also offers a 16-slot cPCI backplane with two bridgeable 8-slot segments.

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