Ironwood Allows Simple Probing of QFP Pins with Test Adapter Clip

1/29/2004 - Ironwood Electronics’ new probing adapter CL-QFE44SE-T-01 allows probing of a 44 pin, 0.8mm pitch IC with reliable spring pins. This device allows probing with a chip in place and no unsoldering of the target IC is required.

Typically QFP Clips use proprietary and short-lived connection schemes but the QFE44SE-T-01 uses spring pins rated for up to 500,000 actuations. An alignment piece is attached with an adhesive to the top of the QFP chip that needs probing. After the precision alignment piece is adhered, the QFP probe is inserted over the part and a single screw compresses the spring probes to an exact location on the soldered down foot of the target QFP lead. Inexpensive alignment pieces allow the device to be reused on many parts for years. All of the contact points including the spring pins and 0.1” headers are gold plated for highest reliability connections.

Pricing for the QFP Probing Clip QFE44SE-T-01 is $350.

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