Microcross Rolls Out GNU X-Tools with ARMv5TE Architecture Support

1/26/2004 - Microcross announced it now supports the ARMv5TE architecture, which is the core for several ARM variants, including ARM1020E, ARM1022E, ARM1026EJ-S, ARM926EJ-S, ARM7EJ-S, ARM946E-S, ARM966E-S, AND ARM968E-S. The ARMv5TE toolsuite (arm5-elf) includes support for Thumb mode with libraries, and support for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to process complex algorithms like Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) and digital filtering.

Microcross' value adds to the ARMv5TE includes patching, building, and testing binaries for use in a professional embedded development environment. In shrink wrap form, Microcross provides GNU X-ToolsTM with Visual X-ToolsTM IDE as a complete code editing, build, and debugging environment for embedded engineers.

Cost per seat starts at $999 for the complete tools development package and includes setup support. Optional yearly engineer-to-engineer tech support contracts begin at $1,000 for the first year and include the GNU X-ToolsTM Training Guide. Included with support are free upgrades and telephone and email interface support with Microcross engineers. The GNU X-ToolsTM Training Guide covers embedded development from 'hello world' to building linker scripts, startup files, and special board support libraries -- the most comprehensive training material of its type for embedded GNU developers. Contact Microcross for more details.

About Microcross
Microcross is a global provider of GNU X-ToolsTM and solutions, training and support services. GNU X-ToolsTM, Microcross' flagship product, is a reliable, low-cost embedded developer solution supporting over 20 of the most popular embedded 16, 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. GNU X-ToolsTM and its companion, Visual X-ToolsTM IDE, are becoming a standard for commercially supported embedded programming tools; no other solution offers the breadth and depth of microprocessor coverage. Microcross has the lowest prices for commercially supported GNU tools and solutions, providing customers best value, performance, and reliability for their money. For more information about Microcross, please browse www.microcross.com.

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