Synergy Enables High-speed Inter-board Communications with GBM Software

1/23/2004 - Synergy Microsystems, Inc. (Synergy) announced availability of its Global Buffer ManagerTM (GBM) software. Designed to support Synergy’s Clustered Computing Solution, GBM enables multiple CPUs to share memory transparently and communicate more efficiently. Synergy’s GBM delivers greater bandwidth and scalability, and significantly reduces programming efforts, resulting in increased performance of data intensive real-time applications.

Synergy’s GBM includes a set of drivers that initializes remote memory for future transparent access. With a library of C-language memory management routines provided by the easy-to-use Application Program Interface (API), programmers can perform operations that were previously very time consuming and painstakingly custom-programmed. GBM’s API calls adhere to de facto industry standards for Shared Memory Buffer communications and management. Global Buffer Manager runs under VxWorks, Linux and Integrity and allows buffers to be shared between multiple operating systems.

GBM simplifies memory management by allowing users to declare and publish buffers by name, as opposed to address. It allows a node to connect to buffers on other boards in a cluster. Once connected, data on other buffers appears as the node’s local memory. GBM can support large clusters of boards, with each CPU capable of keeping over 1,000 connections to buffers on other boards. GBM also improves network communication performance by using the backplane for all inter-board communications. It provides a backplane network driver that supports all standard communication protocols, enabling TCP/IP network traffic without the need for Ethernet wiring.

“Synergy’s new GBM provides added performance to meet the demanding needs of the military and multi-computing markets, where the ability to rapidly process and share large amounts of data over multiple CPUs is essential,” said Thomas Powell, CEO of Synergy Microsystems. “With GBM, we’ve been able to free up the programmer from lengthy software efforts by eliminating the need to write custom, hardware specific, memory setup and management code.”

Synergy’s Global Buffer Manager provides a software layer, or middleware, that isolates the user application from the physical connection layer. While Synergy currently offers StarFabric as its onboard interconnect solution, GBM will support any DMA or memory-mapped system so that engineers can adopt future interconnect strategies, such as Rapid I/O and PCI Express Advanced Switching, without any change to their current application code.

The GBM is currently available at a price of $2,500 and supports all Synergy PowerPC-based VME and compactPCI SBCs. Synergy will be demonstrating GBM at the Bus&Board Conference January 19-20, 2004, at the Long Beach Convention Center.

About Synergy
Synergy Microsystems, Inc. ( specializes in the design, manufacture and integration of single- and multi-processor, single-board computers for VME and CompactPCI systems to meet the needs of demanding real-time applications in military, aerospace, DSP, and industrial/commercial markets. Synergy has a long track record of extracting the highest possible performance from current and emerging SBC technologies, then supporting these technologies through extended product lifecycles. In business since 1985 under the original ownership, the corporation is privately held, with facilities in San Diego, CA. and Tucson, AZ.

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